Hello there! My name is Kristin and I am a curly-haired, bad ass, completely crazy and out of my mind, sloth addict, former figure skater, single mother of two crazy and sometimes unruly girls. (9 and 11 — God help me!)

If you’re wondering (probably not, but I’ll volunteer the information anyway) my former blog was named Mommy Miscellaneous.  Fortunately for you (or not — depending on how you look at it), I decided to be more honest and stop sugarcoating my life for all to see.  Everyone knows that the life of a mom isn’t as glamorous as some bloggers make it out to be.  Yes we are happy with our lives and children (most of the time) but we also have those days when we all wish we could send our kids off to boarding school.  (Admit it, you’ve thought about it.)

But I digress…

I am an artist, which means I am certifiably out of my mind.  But that also means that I make some really awesome shit with my own two hands, a paint brush/pencil and my imagination.  I went to an art college on a full scholarship and majored in 2D fine art; I went to art school partially because art is a passion of mine and partially because I knew I wouldn’t have to take math.  I fucking hate math.  Anyway,  I got pregnant with my oldest while I was a Freshman in college and that’s where my mom journey started.

I now have two beautiful girls who drive me absolutely insane and frequently cause me to curse, but I love them to death.  My oldest sucks the life out of my bank account because #1 – she’s a pre-teen and she thinks that she has the right to whatever she wants and #2- she’s a competitive dancer, which costs an arm and a leg.  I’m not one of those dance mom’s who live vicariously through their daughters because they were never able to achieve their dance goals — I’m a dance mom who just wants to see her daughter succeed and live out her passion.  Besides, I can’t dance, I know I can’t dance, and whenever I try to dance I end up clearing out a room.

I live in the NYC Metro area and just recently moved to the suburbs from a very small city-like atmosphere.  So I guess I can consider myself a suburbanite now.  I absolutely love living in the suburbs and enjoy the deer, groundhogs and bunnies that come to our backyard every morning while I drink my absolutely necessary cup of coffee.  I also enjoy the fact that I don’t have sirens blaring past my windows every night at 3 am while I’m trying to sleep. (HAHA LIKE I EVER SLEEP ANYWAY!) After living in a small town for 30 years, living here in the suburbs is honestly like heaven.

I don’t have a typical job — I’m a work-at-home mom.  I own three businesses; Kristin Patrice Coaching & Consulting, Infopoint Virtual Solutions and Krissy & Co., so I’m actually an entrepreneur.  I started my first business when I was 18 and worked from home on and off until a few years ago when I decided to work from home full time.

So what are my hobbies…

Well, I’m a planner addict and enjoy working on anything related to planning,  I love to waste money on my two addictions; scented candles and Michael Kors purses, I enjoy wasting time on my computer reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and reading random shit that I get lost in for hours at a time.  I also enjoy shopping (who doesn’t!), spending time with my family and spending time with my boyfriend. (Who is equally as certifiable as I am, but I love it!)

So what this blog about?

I’m glad you asked! This Organized Chaos is about a plethora of things.  I didn’t want to niche this blog down because it’s my blog and I can do what I want!  (I don’t like to conform!)  Honestly, this blog is an outlet for me to write down whatever comes into my mind.

I write about life, our experiences, how annoying my kids can be, beauty, style, DIY, recipes, parenting, current events…just everything that I feel people would be interested in.  I enjoy the community of bloggers and enjoy sharing my thoughts with everyone who cares to listen.