How to Find Balance in Your Life as a Busy Mom

Have you ever had those days, weeks or months where you feel completely overwhelmed and like you’re about to have a nervous breakdown? If you said no, I don’t believe you! Especially if you’re a busy mom with little ones to take care of!

Life is a balancing act — balancing work, family, kids, friends, etc… It’s hard. We all have to find balance in order to feel like you have everything under control or at least some things under control!

Take a step back and look at your life

Look at every aspect of your life and figure out what makes tou the most stressed and overwhelmed, You can most definitely have more than one category.

  • Are there any things you can ask for help with?
  • Are there any things that you can cut out of your life? i.e. I was always trying to fit in going to the gym but that was stressing me out. Instead, I decided to add walking into my day and sometimes even doing at home exercises if I had any free time.

Try to find ways to make those categories easier. Maybe breaking tasks done (like zone cleaning) or making a prioritized to do list could be more helpful for you to find balace. A prioritized to do list and time blocking has always helped me the most.

Take breaks throughout the day

Most of the time we feel overwhelmed and unbalanced because we spend more time focusing on everyone else but ourselves. We need to make ourselves a priority so that we can take some time to breathe, reflect on our lives and relax. This doesn’t have to be anything big but just even taking a break to get some air or a quick power nap can help a great deal. Since I started taking breaks and focusing on self-care, I’ve really seen a difference in my ability to de-stress and feel more balanced.

Set goals to follow in your life

As a business owner, I’ve learned the importance of setting goals. That habit of goal setting carried over to my personal life and it’s made such a difference. The first thing you have to do is find out where you want to set your goals. These are the categories that I use:

  • Personal Life
  • Family/Kids
  • Financial
  • Home
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Work (Obviously)

Reassess your life monthly

Finding balance takes some trial and error. There might be some things that you have to tweak in order to further feel more balanced. This is why I sit down at the beginning of every month to really look at what’s still stressing me out. It helps a lot to better manage and balance that. I also take this time to reassess my goals and create new goals for the current month ahead of me.

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