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Huntington Learning Center was founded by Raymond and Eileen Huntington back in 1977 when they saw a need for individualized attention for students of all ages.  They realized that no two students were alike and because of that, students that were struggling needed to find a method of learning that allowed them to excel. The first Huntington Learning Center opened in Oradell, NJ right next to where the corporate office is now located. The first center relocated right down the road in Westwood, NJ where they help students every single day.

My daughter, Olivia, is 10 years old and entering middle school this year.  While she’s excited about her new venture she’s also very nervous. Olivia has extreme hearing loss in her left ear and because of her disability, has trouble learning and following along in class.  Her elementary school has helped her tremendously to reach her grade level with learning but middle school is much more challenging. Olivia needed help in Math, Reading and boosting her self-confidence and we wanted to see if Huntington was the answer for her.  

The first step for us was to go into our local Huntington Learning Center to discuss Olivia and the struggles she had been having in school for the past few years.  We met with the wonderful coordinator of the Ridgewood, NJ location to see where we should be headed with Olivia and her learning. She explained the history of Huntington Learning Center and explained the assessment and placement process to us so we were understanding of all that would be going on.

The assessment was scheduled for the following week and took approximately four hours.  She was allowed to bring a drink and snack and we were told that she would be allowed to do the assessment at her own pace to prevent Olivia from getting overwhelmed.  The testing was very comprehensive and focused on Reading and Math for my daughter.  There were a variety of assessments that were both written and oral, she was also tested on many grade levels to see what she knew and where she stood with her current progress.  

Olivia was very excited when she left the session and told me all about her testing, the instructor and she expressed that the instructor made her four hour assessment fun and interesting.  We were told to come back the following week to learn the results of the assessment and see where we should go from there.

We knew that Olivia would score low on both the Reading and Math sections because that is where she had been having her main issues but the director gave us some insight into why that might be.  She gave us quite a bit of valuable information that would definitely be helpful for us and for Olivia as she moves along in her schooling. After finding out the results of her assessment we were told that Huntington works directly with the child’s school, teachers and even the child study team in order to make sure everyone is on the same page with Olivia and her learning.  I think this is amazing and unique as many learning centers and tutoring services do not do this and that could be a hindrance to the child’s education and process.

Huntington Learning Center provides K-12 students with tutoring in academic, study skills, subject tutoring and SAT/ACT test prep.  The learning centers are accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and they will work directly with your child’s school and attend any Child Study Team meetings to monitor your child’s progress. Their programs are designed to build skills, confidence and motivation, which I can definitely see from just the assessment.  My daughter came out of that assessment with so much more confidence than she had when she went in. I would suggest Huntington to any parent who needs tutoring or test prep for their children.  

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