11 Ways to Create a Cozy Bedroom

Even though summer is upon us we still want to come home to a cozy bedroom.  We want to be able to relax, unwind and rest after a busy day.  Our bedrooms should feel like a retreat and not feel cold and un-homey.  While moving (3 times) and having to redecorate every single time, I’ve found some amazing ways to create a cozy bedroom that feels like a weekend getaway.  

how to make your bedroom cozier

Layer some throws & blankets

Everyone wants a hotel-esque bed at home and adding multiple throws and blankets is one of the best ways.  Your bed should be the coziest part of your entire room since this is where you rest and recharge. The one thing I’ve learned while creating my own cozy room is that you can never have too many blankets!

how to make your bedroom cozier

Fill your bed with fluffy pillows

Pillows are the absolute best! If you ask anyone what one room accessory I’m the most obsessed with they will tell you: Pillows!  I have tons on my bed, tons on my couch and tons in a storage box waiting to be swapped out depending on the season.  It doesn’t matter if they’re traditional pillows with beautiful, unique and different shams or throw pillows.  They’re all the best!  I love mixing up the textures and patterns of my throw pillows.  It really makes your bed cozy, eclectic and interesting.


how to make your bedroom cozier

Add a fluffy rug by your bed

Whether your room is hardwood or carpet, adding more rugs near your bed is always a great way to cozy up your room.  I like to use the faux fur rugs because they’re cozy, fluffy and just make your room feel like a hideaway.  I absolutely love using rugs in my rooms!


how to make your bedroom cozier

Buy a tufted headboard

A plush and/or tufted headboard is a great way to make your room and bed feel cozier.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against wooden headboards but there’s just something so cozy and comfortable about an upholstered headboard.  Once I got one for my bed I fell in love with it and just would never go back to a wooden headboard.  It just feels so elegant to me!


how to make your bedroom cozier

Add some fairy lights around your room

Adding some warm lighting can really warm up your room at night.  I love adding fairy lights to my room and I’ve used them for a few years.  This time I opted to hide an in-wall air conditioner that no longer works by using a curtain of fairy lights softened up by a sheer curtain.  At night when I put them on I really feel like I’m on a vacation.  I love how relaxing the twinkle of the fairy lights are and how the warm light makes it feel comfortable and cozy at night.


how to make your bedroom cozier

Or a Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are one of my most favorite things.  I have a Himalayan salt lamp in my room as well as tea-light holders that are made of Himalayan salt.  The light pink/coral color lets the softest light through to make your room feel cozy.  Not only does the light make your room feel like a vacation spot, the Himalayan salt lamp also has air purifying properties.


how to make your bedroom cozier

Why not get a bed canopy?

If a soft, warm cocoon feeling is your groove, try a bed canopy.  Personally, I don’t use one but my 12-year-old does and she absolutely loves it.  She said that the addition of her bed canopy really made it feel so much cozier than it actually was to begin with.  If you have a 4 post bed or a canopy bed to begin with, try draping some fabric over your bed to make your own custom canopy.  If you want to get fancy you can purchase a bed canopy with fairy lights or even add your own fairy lights to your canopy.


how to make your bedroom cozier

Light some candles or buy some LED candles

Lighting seasonal candles are one of my favorite things to do during the day & night. (around my entire house!)  I have a box of probably 50 Bath and Body Works candles and I swap them out for every different season.  If you don’t feel comfortable lighting real candles you can also add LED candles around your room.  I use a mix of real and LED flameless candles to make my room cozier and I love it.  Not only does it make your room feel cozy but the scents will last for hours after the candle is blown out!


how to make your bedroom cozier

Don’t over clutter your room

Adding too much furniture or just “stuff” into your room is a surefire way of taking the coziness out of your room.  I’ve made this mistake before and it’s just stressful to have a room with too much stuffed into it.  One of my favorite ways to ensure that my room stays cozy is to do a monthly “declutter” session.  Every month I go through each section of my room (including my closet and bathroom) to ensure that nothing is taking up too much space.  This may take me about 1-2 hours but it’s completely worth it.


how to make your bedroom cozier

Put some cozy sheets on your bed

Since your bed is the most important part of your bedroom you should splurge on a nice sheet set.  You don’t have to spend too much on your sheets, I normally spend around $20-$30.  You just need to make sure that the sheets you choose are comfortable for you, cozy and soft.  After all, this is where you sleep at night! It should be extremely cozy!

how to make your bedroom cozier

Use an essential oil diffuser

I’ve used an essential oil diffuser for about a year and I’ll never look back.  There are essential oil blends for every mood and they actually do work.  My essential oil diffuser has soft LED lights that change color and that adds to the coziness a great deal. I’m going to list below the one that I use and some of my favorite essential oil blends for every mood!

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