What I Loved Most About College

I’m not sure if I told you guys this; I went to college for 2D fine art and digital photography.  (My major and minor.)  In fact, I got a full scholarship (+ room & board) to art school due to my portfolio.  Making the decision to go to an art college wasn’t too difficult for me.  I’ve always been a very artistic and creative person and I knew I had the talent to get a scholarship.  (Not to toot my own horn!)  I got made fun of hardcore for deciding to go to an art college.  There were many people that asked why I would go to school for art and why I made that decision.  They would ask why I decided to major in 2D fine art and not art teaching.  I even had many family members ask if I was unable to get into a traditional college.  The truth was, I wanted to do something that I loved.

School was never something that I enjoyed – in fact, hated everything about school.  That really stemmed from the fact that I didn’t have many friends throughout my school career and was relentlessly bullied.  I was a pretty shy and quiet person who had glasses, braces and wasn’t at all popular.  You could probably call me one of the nerds.  When I was considering colleges and majors, I realized that I wanted to do something that I enjoyed for once.  I wanted to have the chance to actually have fun and love what I was doing in school.  I didn’t want my final few years of schooling to be another disaster.  I was sure that art school was the way to go for me and I was very right.

Artistic people are very much right-brained and think differently than others.  They may be slightly quirky, see everyday things in a more creative light and they generally have different personalities.  I felt that interacting with these people on an everyday basis would be great for me because I was the same.  I was right!  I actually fit right in and made many friends on my first day.

Since my college was in Philadelphia and I lived in New Jersey I had to dorm there and I was so nervous.  I had never really been away from home at that point in my life and I didn’t know if I would be able to do it.  I was always very attached to my mom as she and I were like best friends so leaving home was very scary for me.  I remember the first night was terrible.  The second my mom left and I was in my dorm room all by myself I cried — I cried for hours.  The feeling of overwhelming fear quickly went away as I met a few girls who would become my closest friends in college.  I realized, soon after moving in, that these girls were different.  These girls were artistic and they were just like me.  We were all quirky in our own ways and we all were bulled because of our quirks.  We had so much in common and so much to talk about.

Let me quickly and randomly share the Finding Nemo obsession I had when I was in college.  This was my dorm room.

Going to an art college really changed my view on schooling and people in general.  It made me realize that school actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and that I was able to make friends.  I absolutely loved it and felt much more confident in art school than I had at any other point in my life.  I was finally doing something that I was good at, I finally had friends and I finally had a life.  The 18-year-old me thought I had everything that I had always wanted and at that point in my life, that was all that I had ever wanted.

I don’t usually share too many personal posts on this blog but I wanted to write this because I was thinking about college the other day.  My 12-year-old was asking me about college and it gave me inspiration to write this post.  Thanks for listening to my nonsense!

What did you all major in and what did you love the most about college?

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