How to Turn Your Blogging Hobby into a Lucrative Business

I know many people in your life probably doubt you when you say you want to turn your blog into a business.  It happened to me too.  If they’re not well versed in blogging & the “blogosphere” they won’t understand that you can create a business from your blog.  I was told many times and by  many people that blogging was just a hobby.  Well, I showed them when I was able to actually make money off of my so called hobby.  Whenever someone doubts me I take it as a challenge.  It becomes my mission in life to prove them wrong and I work as hard as I can to do that.  I love being able to say, “I told you so!”

Turning your blog into a business is not an easy or quick task but it is very possible.  It takes a lot of work, a lot of determination, a lot of trial & error and finally a lot of learning.  In order to turn your blog into a profitable business, you need to learn about the methods to create income streams.  You also need to learn how to be consistent and how to put out quality content that contains tons of value.

What are the main steps of turning your blog into a business?

  • Figure out what you want from your blog
  • Create clear & concise goals for yourself
  • Create deadlines so you don’t get off track
  • Believe in yourself and visualize your success
  • Take action & get to work on making your dream a reality



What does all of this mean?

The first step of turning your blog into a business is to figure out what you want from your blog.  Do you want to create a full-time income with your blog?  A part-time income? What about just having your blog as a side hustle?  You have to know exactly what you want from your blog before you can work to make it a reality.  This also ties into our next step – creating clear & concise goals for yourself.  As with any business (even a blog-turned-business) you need to have goals for yourself so you know where you’re heading.  You need to have direction and action steps to get you where you want to be.  In order to create goals for your business you need to think about what you really want out of your blog for the short and long term.  Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T:



Let’s get more specific on S.M.A.R.T goals…



Your goals should be very clear and very specific.  You need to know exactly which direction you’re heading in and need to know exactly what you need to accomplish.  Instead of saying “I want to make an income with my blog this year” you should say, “I want to make xx with my blog“.  This is stating exactly how much you want to make with your blog and it’s incredibly specific.

If you need some help on making your goals more specific, consider the following:

  • Who – This will most likely be yourself but if you have a co-owned blog or team, this is a great thing to consider.  You need to consider who will need to be involved in order to achieve this goal.  For a blogging business that’s just starting out this may or may not be something you’ll need to consider.  Even if you don’t need to include a “who” now, keep this in mind for future goal setting.
  • What – What is the main objective that you want to accomplish?  For the above example, it would be making an income from your blog.  However, as we covered, this needs to include how much you plan to make since we need this to be both specific and measurable.
  • When – When do you want to accomplish this goal by?  “I want to make xx with my blog by xx.”  This gives you a deadline so you know when you need (or want) to achieve that goal by.  This allows you to see how close you are to your goal at any given time.
  • Why – Why do you want to accomplish this goal?  “I want to make xx with my blog by xx so I can begin to earn a full-time income”.


When you set your specific goal such as “I want to make xx with my blog”, that’s also making a measurable goal.  There’s something there that you have to measure or a metric that you want to reach.  This can be any number of things: a monetary value, number of subscribers, followers, fans, traffic metrics, etc…



This is one of the most important aspects of goal setting.  You want to ensure that you will be able to reach the goal that you are setting.  In my coaching business I come across so many women who create goals that they can’t accomplish.  They wonder why they’re unable to reach their goals and it’s simply because the goal is set a little too far out of their reach.  Now that’s not to say that they’ll never be able to reach that goal but if you’re starting out in business and your goal is to make 10k that first year, it’s a reach.  (Unless you’re incredibly lucky and an amazing business person.) You just have to think realistically when you’re creating your goals.  Set your goals at realistic levels and if you happen to surpass that, that’s amazing and you should be very proud of yourself!



 Your goals should all relate, in some way, to your main business objective.  If your main business objective is to build an income-making blog then your goals should be related to that main aspect.  This means that your goals can be anything from wanting to gain x followers, get x amount of traffic per month, make x in a year, create x affiliate posts per month, etc…  Those would all be relevant goals that will help you get to your main objective.  See what I’m saying?



As we covered in the first bullet point, you need to set goals that are timebound.  This is a goal that has a target date in which you want to accomplish the goal.  Remember – “I want to make xx with my blog by xx.”?  This lets you know that by “x” date you want to accomplish that monetary goal.  If you create goals without a target date you probably won’t be as motivated to take action steps to meet that goal.


Believe in yourself & visualize your success

I’m sure you’ve heard of manifesting what you want but do you actually practice that?   What even is manifesting?

Manifesting is a spiritual tool to get you in the right mindset for success.  It is when you visualize what you want in life and business and feel as if you currently have it.  You convince yourself and your brain that you have a successful blog, have a successful business, have a big fat bank account, etc…  Do I sound crazy?   I mean, I am, but manifesting and visualizing works.  It’s not magic, you don’t just manifest or visualize something and the next day it magically appears — you do have to work for it.  It’s just easier for you to take action and work towards what you want when you know how it feels to already have it. (From your visualization sessions.)   For me, I visualized that I had a successful business with enough money to support my family. Once I actually felt how amazing it was to have that I was that much more motivated.  I wanted that feeling, I wanted financial freedom and I wanted to be able to have a business that I was proud of.

A manifestation session (or visualization session) is similar to meditation.  You’ll sit down in a quiet space for 5-10 minutes and fully think about what it would be like to have what you want the most.  After a few sessions you will be able to invoke your feelings and emotions and take yourself to a different state of consciousness where you will be able to manipulate how you feel.  This will allow you to fully feel what it would be like when you finally achieve your main goal or objective in business or life.  (I still swear that I’m not a crazy person.)

There are many successful entrepreneurs (besides myself) that have used manifestation to become successful.  It works if you give it the time.  You need to incorporate manifestation and visualization into your every day routine until it becomes a habit.  This will help you to get into the right mindset and gain that motivation to succeed.


Turning your blog into a business

Once you’ve created your goals and incorporated visualization into your routine, you’re ready to take action.  There are a few important qualities of a blog that will help you to begin making money quicker.

Make sure your blog is self-hosted

While free hosts are great for blog hobbyists you should have a self-hosted blog for business.  Having your own domain name makes your brand look much more professional and trustworthy.  If you’re looking to find a good website host I highly suggest Bluehost.  They’re amazing at what they do, have 1-click WordPress install so you can get blogging right away and have amazing customer service.  Did I mention you get a free domain name and amazingly affordable web hosting?  Yeah, Bluehost is the bomb and many, many bloggers can vouch for that!  Why not get started today?


Create an editorial calendar & be consistent

Consistency is incredibly important when you want to start a money making blog.  You can’t just put out a few posts and forget about them.  You need to consistently put out valuable and quality content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

One of my favorite ways of staying consistent is to use an editorial calendar.  I love scheduling my posts 3 months out so I know what needs to be done and when.  It’s also great to see everything that I need to write and what has already been researched, outlined and written.  I use Trello for my editorial calendar, as you can see below and I love it.  Trello is one of my most favorite, versatile organizational tools that I’ve ever used.

trello editorial calendar


Incorporate different income streams into your blog

When you’re considering strategies to monetize your blog you’ll find many different avenues that you can take.  There are affiliate posts, sponsored content, creating & selling digital products, etc…  While some bloggers have success just using affiliate posts or just writing sponsored content I highly suggest exploring multiple avenues.  To maximize your income and make a great deal of money (usually while you’re sleeping!) you should incorporate as many income streams as you feel comfortable doing.  Personally, I use:

  • Digital Products
  • Affiliate Posts
  • Sponsored Content

I’m also currently exploring different ad networks that I can join to make even more money on my blog.  (I just do a lot of research before I put anything into action!)   Another great avenue that you can explore is creating paid courses for your blog.  Paid courses can bring in a lot of passive revenue and they can be incredibly lucrative.  All you have to do is think about what you’re an expert in, see if it relates in any way to the niche of your blog, create your course and promote!  I love creating courses because they’ll make income for as long as your promote and as long as people are interested in the topic you are teaching them about.


Be more active on social media

Social media is one of the best tools that you can use to network for business purposes.  I love social media as a network tool because sometimes I can be quite an introvert and not want to leave my house.  (I swear I’m not a hermit!)  If you’re not active on social media then you’re honestly not doing your blog any justice.  I like to say that social media is a type of digital word of mouth because as long as you can add enough value for your followers to retweet or repost – you’re golden.  You can potentially extend your reach and visibility by thousands if you think about how many followers they have and how far your post will travel.

To minimize the amount of time I spend on my social media efforts I love to use an automation tool for scheduling my posts.  I use Buffer but you can also use HootSuite or Coschedule as well.  These are all very popular and very effective methods of scheduling your social media posts.

Promote, promote, promote

Blogging isn’t a set it and forget it kind of thing.  In order to be seen and actually make money from your blog, you need to promote your blog posts heavily.  This doesn’t mean just slapping a scheduled tweet or FB post, you need to keep on it.  I love using RecurPost for recycling and keeping those posts promoted so you can get more traffic to your blog and be consistent with your social media presence.

Pinterest is also a tool that you need to use for visibility.  I use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest posts and I post 30-50 pins a day — I know, that’s a lot! You need to be very active on Pinterest in order to be successful with this platform but don’t worry, Tailwind helps you a great deal!  If I were to manually post 30-50 posts a day it would take me a good 1-2 hours.  When I schedule these with Tailwind it takes me, maybe, 30 minutes.  Want to try Tailwind for free? Click here for a free trial!


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