Weight Loss Tips that Helped Me Lose 80lbs in One Year

Three years ago I lost 80lbs within a year and boy was it a journey.  I made the decision to change my lifestyle to a healthier one when my doctor told me that if I didn’t lose weight I was sure to have diabetes.  (I was borderline at this point.) I also made the decision and gained the motivation because I wanted to be healthier for my girls and I wanted to set a good example.  Since I had so much success with my weight loss and I constantly get questions about how I lost the weight, I wanted to share some weight loss tips that I learned along the way.


Change your entire lifestyle

The most important part of embarking on a healthier lifestyle is that you don’t crash diet.  Crash diets are sure to fail and if you do have any success you’re most likely going to gain the weight back when you go back to your old habits.  You need to think of it as a lifestyle change and you need to get into that mindset.  You’re changing your entire lifestyle, not just dieting to lose weight.  You’re starting on a new journey to a much healthier and slimmer you.


Do it for YOU

Most people I’ve come across want to change themselves or lose weight for someone else.  Why in the world would you do that? Why would you want to change yourself for a man? You should be making the decision to lose weight and be healthier because you want to do something good for yourself, not someone else.  If you decide to change yourself for someone else — you’re honestly doomed to fail. You have to want to change your lifestyle and you have to get in the mindset and do it for the right reasons or you’ll quickly want to go back to your old habits.  Do it for you!


Drink plenty of water

I still struggle with this and I find that most people I know struggle with this but you need to drink plenty of water, especially before meals.  Drinking water before meals can cause a boost in your metabolism that will cause you to burn a few more calories than you normally would and water will also fill you up a bit causing you to eat a little less.  Water also has a load of health benefits for your body, skin, and hair. Drinking enough water (and peeing like a waterfall) will help to flush out some of the toxins and allow you to get more energy from being properly hydrated.


Use smaller plates

This may sound silly but it works!  Most plates that we use are larger dinner plates and we feel the need to fill up the entire plate with food.  In relation to the size of those plates, actual serving sizes are significantly smaller so we’re probably eating 2-3x the actual serving size when we fill up those larger dinner plates.  Use a much smaller plate and fill that up with a portion of protein and 2x the portion of veggies and you have a much more normal serving size. This will trick your mind into thinking that you’re eating more because your plate is full but in actuality, you’ll be eating about the recommended serving size for your meal.  This will help you to eat less and consume fewer calories! Mental trickery!


Start your whole family eating healthier

Having snacks around can really screw you up when you’re on a diet, am I right?  Having two kids in the house I frequently have to resist the temptation of eating some chips that they left around — it’s bad!  If you start your whole family eating healthier your journey will be much easier for you. Start small by home cooking meals instead of ordering out or reaching for the TV dinners.  See what your kids like the most and start searching for healthier recipes or even healthier versions of their favorite meals.

Since most of us do need to keep some snacks in the house because we have children, hide them away.  Put them in cabinets that are accessible to your kids but out of your line of sight. This will make resisting the temptation much easier — out of sight, out of mind!  To go a step further, pre-portion the snacks in Ziploc bags when you get home from the grocery store, this will allow you to prevent your kids from overeating the snacks so they can accompany you on the healthier lifestyle.


Eat more fiber

Fiber helps you stay fuller for longer so it’s suggested that you eat foods with a higher fiber content.  I like to eat more fibrous foods in the morning because I get hungry very quickly after breakfast.  This may vary for you but that’s just my personal preference.  You have to really see what works for you and when you get hungrier.  Just remember — fiber is good!


Calculate how many calories you should be eating

Sometimes we guesstimate how many calories we need to lose weight and sometimes we very much underestimate.  This can cause us to eat much less than we should and we can throw our body into shock or survival mode where we won’t lose weight or we’ll stall our weight loss.  A website such as this calorie calculator can help you to calculate just how many calories you should be eating per day to lose weight for your height, weight, age, and activity level.


These simple tips can help you to get started on your weight loss journey and ensure that you lose some weight!  I’m going to be completely transparent and show you my before and after pictures, because I feel that this will be a good motivation for anyone who wants to lose weight.  I want you to know that it’s completely possible to lose weight, change your lifestyle and keep it off for good.

before and after weight loss picture

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