Why I Love Having Two Kids

I grew up as an only child and I considered it both a blessing and a curse.  Being an only child was very lonely at times but it’s all I knew so I adjusted.  I gained more creativity and imaginative qualities than some other children I knew and I learned how to amuse myself when I played with my toys.  I would play in my room for hours with my dollhouse, drawing or writing and I didn’t mind being alone but I did wish that I had siblings.

I frequently asked my mom why I was an only child and begged her to adopt another baby but my dad had passed away when I was two years old and at that time single parent adoptions weren’t common.

Because I grew up as an only child I knew that I wanted more than one child when I grew up.  I wanted to see them interact together, play together and I didn’t want them to be lonely. I assumed that my two children would be best friends and thought it would be easy since they would amuse each other.  

I was right & wrong at the same time

I was wrong in that having two kids is not as easy as I imagined when I was younger.  I would actually go as far as to say that having two kids is more equivalent to having 5 kids because of what you have to go through!

My girls do love each other and are best friends — most of the time and even though they argue I know that they will always have each other’s backs if it came down to it.  When they’re not arguing about clothes, toys or being in each other’s rooms they get along great and really do amuse and support each other.

I wanted to share some reasons that I love having two kids, just in case you’re wondering if you should have another one.  Let’s focus on the positives because they definitely outweigh the negatives.


You have twice the amusement

Whenever I’m down or upset about something I have two girls to help get my spirits back up.  My girls will do anything to make me laugh or make me happy and I love that about them. They’re always saying or doing something hilarious and they always keep life interesting for me.


You have twice the love

Having love from one child is amazing enough but having unconditional love from two is the best.  They’re always wanting a hug or to cuddle and I love that. Whenever I’m feeling lonely or sad I know that I have two little best friends who will always love me no matter what else happens in life.


People are more sympathetic

When I had one child who would have a temper tantrum in public I would get glances that would say “Control your child.”  When I had two children having temper tantrums in public I would get sympathetic glances or a mother would sympathize with me by saying that she completely understood what I was going through.  It’s always nice to have some sympathy rather than judging glances! Just sayin’.

Another positive is that you always have an excuse not to go out.  I’m probably one of the laziest people in the world, and I fully admit it.  When I had one child my friends would beg me to go out despite the fact that I would say I had a daughter that I had to take care of.  Now that I had two it’s much easier to make excuses, “My mom really can’t handle the both of them tonight, I can’t go.”  


You can dress them the same

Now that my oldest is 12 I can’t get away with this anymore and I’m also sure she hates me for the photos of them wearing the same clothes but who cares!  When my girls were younger I would always dress them the same — that was fun for me and I thought it was the cutest thing in the entire world. I kind of want two more so I can do this all over again…(But maybe not.)


They’re supportive of each other

When you have two kids you can rest assured that they will always be there for each other despite the occasional arguments.  While my girls argue all the time at the end of the day they’re always going to be best friends. They’re always there to support each other and when one has a hard time with a friend, the other one always wants to stand up for her sister.  I love that, I love that they’re both supportive of each other and always will be. That’s something I wish I had when I was a kid.


They always have someone to play with

My 12-year-old will never admit it but she’ll drop everything and play dollhouse or Barbies with her sister at a second’s notice.  She’s always been an amazing big sister and will play with her whenever she asks. (She’ll kill me for writing this!) They’ve always been this way and would always play together.  It’s been amazing to see them interact and watch them amuse each other. It’s something I love to see.


As you can see, the positives of having more than one child completely outweigh the negatives.  It’s hard, yes, but it’s such a rewarding experience when you have double the hugs and double the love.  I would have another child in a heartbeat if it’s in the cards for me because I’m sure three is even better than two. 🙂

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