16 Things That Annoy Me the Most

I’m not a picky person but there are some things that really drive me insane.  I just wanted to share the 16 things that annoy me the most and these are things that I absolutely, positively can’t stand and have no patience for! 

Judgemental people

Judgemental people annoy the hell out of me.  I can’t stand it when some people think they’re better than me because they have a more expensive car, a bigger house or more money than I do.  In the end, we are all equal and we can’t take those expensive possessions to our graves with us anyway!


Annoying teenagers

I love kids and teenagers, don’t get me wrong, but when I’m out at a mall or in a restaurant and there are screaming and misbehaving teenagers….AHHHH.  What scares me the most is that my 12-year-old will be a teenager in just a few months and I’m dreading the possibility of her and her friends annoying people while they’re hanging out.


Horrible drivers

Road rage? Who me? Well, maybe…  If you ask anyone I know they’ll tell you that I have horrible road rage.  In reality, I just can’t stand horrible drivers.

You have a turn signal for a reason, use it.

Why are you driving 15 mph under the speed limit while in the left lane?


I have absolutely no tolerance for other drivers on the road — besides myself.  Sorry, not sorry.


People who get offended by every little thing

Certain people generally annoy the crap out of me and people who get offended by every little thing are some of them.  I’m one of those people who won’t sugar coat things and I’m going to tell you the truth and sometimes not censor myself.  

I lost 80lbs a few years ago and I had said on Facebook that I was giving my “fat clothes” away.  Now I didn’t mean that as an offensive thing to those who struggle with their weight.  I still struggle with my weight and have a very skewed view of my body.  However, I used to call them my “fat clothes”.

One of my friends got very insulted and told me not to offend overweight people just because I lost 80lbs.  I wasn’t trying to offend anyone.  How many people have “fat pants” for when they eat too much?  Why would I insult overweight people when I’m still slightly overweight and was fairly overweight for the majority of my life?


Chewing loudly

I have when people chew loudly. Close your mouth when you chew — enough said.


Being woken up

I love my sleep and I’m a very heavy sleeper.  In fact, if there were a sleeping/napping Olympics I would probably win the gold.

That said — don’t wake me up before I’m ready to get up.  I’ll cut a bitch…or just be very grumpy and probably end up yelling at you.  I will apologize later on after I’ve had coffee. It’s my magic elixir.


Crowds & lines at grocery stores

I try to avoid crowds and lines at stores by going early in the morning or early afternoon while people are at work.  Crowds and lines at the stores give me crazy anxiety and I usually end up getting impatient and mumbling under my breath.  

Don’t tell me you don’t do that too!

I actually think all of the above is funny since I love going Black Friday shopping.  However Black Friday is like a Holiday for me, it’s only once a year and the lines in my area aren’t too bad.


Being stuck in traffic

I HATE TRAFFIC.  Whenever my GPS tells me that there’s any traffic and offers me an alternative way I will reroute myself.  Even if that alternative way is 5 minutes quicker. I hate being stuck in traffic and I especially hate being stuck in traffic when there’s no obvious reason for it.  

You know, when you’re sitting in a line of traffic for an hour and when you finally start moving nothing seemed to be causing it?  


People who criticize me or look down on me for being a single mom

I don’t criticize those for being married, so why criticize me for being a single mom?  Yes, I’m a single mom by choice because my ex and I wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. I’d rather have a good friendship with my ex rather than be in a relationship where we argue all of the time.  

Some people may have kids together but realize that they’re better off not being together.  Other single parents may have gotten divorced for the same reason — because they’re better off.  


People who park their cars way too close to mine

Why can’t people stay in the lines while parking in parking lots?  Why do you have to park up my ass when parallel parking? Keep your damn distance!  One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone parks their car way too close to mine.  I can usually maneuver myself out of a parallel spot that I’m boxed into but when they park over the line in a parking lot I want to key their car.  

I’m talking about over the line 2 inches from my door where I have to climb over the passenger’s seat to get into my driver’s seat.  WHY??


When my kids make a mess and won’t clean it up

I know that kids make messes and I completely understand that but my kids are 10 and 12, they know better than to leave their messes around the house.  

I try to enforce as best as I can but my kids are so damn stubborn.  I have to threaten to take away computer time, cell phones or a favorite possession of theirs just so they clean up their messes!  It’s absolutely insane.


Talking during movies

Yes, mom, I’m looking at you as I type this!  If I’m watching a movie with you and you’re talking throughout the entire movie — you’re going to annoy me to no end!  It’s to the point where I refuse to watch movies with my mom anymore…she talks too much!


When I’m comfortable in bed and realize I have to pee

I hate it when I’m all comfortable in bed, I’m all curled up in my blanket with my favorite pillow, ready to go to bed and then I realize that I have to pee.  Getting up out of my warm bed to walk the 9 feet to my bathroom is torture and it’s impossible to get as comfortable as you were once you get back into bed.

I hate you, bladder.


When there’s no washed towel when I want to take a shower

There are 4 people in my house (including me) and we all take showers multiple times a week.  (Duh!) You can imagine that we use a lot of towels and my kids don’t seem to understand that you can reuse a towel twice before throwing it in the laundry.  (I think they just enjoy using our laundry chute, to be honest!)  

I hate when I want to take a shower, get everything all ready and then realize that I have no towels that I can use.  By the time I actually go to the laundry room and wash and dry towels, I’m no longer in the mood to take a shower.


Public bathrooms

I hate public bathrooms and I will avoid them at all costs, even if I have to hold it until I get home.  I’ve always had a phobia of public bathrooms and it’s probably never going to lessen. What annoys me is when I have to use a public bathroom in an emergency situation and it’s a horrible, messy, nasty public bathroom.  It’s bad enough that I have a phobia of using public bathrooms, now I have to deal with a nasty one?



I hate whoever made homemade slime.  It’s become a literal addiction in our house and I really hate it.  This shit gets everywhere!  My youngest has gotten slime on the back seat of my car, on my mom’s mattress, on countless sheets, on her stuffed animals, etc…  And yes, on certain materials the slime can come off by being frozen with an ice cube or with rubbing alcohol, but not in every circumstance.

Needless to say, I’ve banned slime in my house.

What one thing annoys YOU the most? I’d love to know! Comment below and if you found this post amusing, please pin it with the image below! 


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