7 Tips For Managing Stress

Stress is something that has become part of life for a lot of us and sometimes we feel like we can’t get rid of our stress.  I felt like this for a very long time but never made any active attempts to get rid of my stress.  There are a few things that can be done to lessen and make your stress go out the window, you just have to try your hardest to implement these into your life.

Exercising and get moving

Exercise is a natural stress reliever and an energy booster since it produces endorphins in the brain to combat stress, exhaustion and also acts as a natural painkiller.  You can go to the gym if that’s your thing but you could also go to for a nice walk around your neighborhood, take your kids to the park to run around with them or just do anything active to lower your stress level.


Do something to relax

When you’re stressed it’s best to take some time for yourself and do something to relax.  Browse Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram, (don’t lie, you know you do those things to relax) play a game on your phone, (Don’t lie, you do this too!) read or listen to a podcast, meditate or take a bath.  Those activities can be extremely relaxing!  Other than that you can go out for coffee with a friend, relax with essential oils or just do anything that will help you to relax.  Find what works best for you and you can easily relieve some stress.


Get more sleep

When you’re stressed there’s a good possibility that you’re easily becoming stressed because you didn’t get enough sleep.  This is a very common reason and most people don’t realize it!  If you’re stressed due to lack of sleep it’s best to try to get to bed earlier or take a power nap when you feel the stress coming on!

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Reach out to a friend

Friends are always there for us and will listen to us cry, vent or scream.  They’re there for us through the good and the bad, they know how to make us laugh and they’re the best listeners.  That’s what friends are for!  If you feel stressed definitely go ahead and call one of your best friends.  They’ll help you out and lessen your stress.


Listen to music or watch YouTube/TV

Everyone has a playlist that helps them to relax so go ahead and listen to some relaxing music.  Another thing that helps me relax is to watch YouTube.  YouTube can be very relaxing if you watch videos that you enjoy watching.   TV can also be relaxing…Netflix and relax, anyone??


Don’t overbook yourself

Too many people try to overbook and overwork themselves and write to-do lists that are a mile long. The general rule of thumb is to plan around 5 to-dos for your day.  I know this sounds like a small amount but most of us plan the largest tasks and try to jam pack them into our day.  However, this can vary as you know how much free time you’ll have and how much energy you have to do these tasks.  If you have smaller to-dos you can plan a few more, but don’t make your to-do list too long and don’t stress yourself out.  Know your limits.


Let go of what you can’t change

Remember that there’s no such thing as perfection and no one will ever be perfect.  You can strive to be perfect and set yourself up for success but there’s always work and always improvement to be done.

There are so many things in life that we can’t change and can’t control and we need to let go of that. The only thing that we can control in life is ourselves, our happiness and our stress level and we need to fully concentrate on that.

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