How to Help Kids with Learning Disabilities

My daughter has been partially deaf in her left ear since birth and this has caused many issues in her academic life for many years.  Last year she was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, which is a learning disability that stems from the fact that she has issues with her hearing and the way she processes information.  Since my daughter was diagnosed with a medical condition and learning disability I have had to become an expert on her disability and how to help her succeed.  

I know that many of us moms have children with learning disabilities and for this exact reason I want to share a few tips that I have learned to help our children.


Be an advocate for your child

A few years ago my daughter was in a school that didn’t want to acknowledge that she had any sort of learning disability and wouldn’t help us even though her grades kept declining.  I honestly think it was because of the budget the school had been alotted for evaluations for learning disabilities but I don’t know for sure.  Anyway, because no one would help us I had to be an advocate for my child and do everything I could to get her evaluated by the child study team.

Sadly, this happens more than we actually want to believe.  There are many schools that won’t acknowledge that children have learning disabilities and won’t take the steps to finding out if that’s the cause of their declining grades and difficulty learning.

This is why we have to be advocates for our children.  As mothers, we know our children the best and we have mother’s intuition which will allow us to feel if we think our children have issues learning.  When schools won’t listen or help our children we need to stand up and be an advocate.  We need to do whatever we can to get our kids the help they need even if it means writing to or appearing before the school board to petition for evaluation.


Do plenty of research

Once we have a diagnosis for our children we need to become experts on the learning disability that they have.  Every learning disability is completely different and we need to do extensive research to be able to best help our children.

There are always new developments or new ways to assist kids with learning disabilities so we need to be on top of what’s new.  This will allow us to put these into action to see what works best.

Promote self-esteem

A child with a learning disability may feel discouraged and may feel like they’re different from their peers.  There’s even a chance that they would be bullied by the other kids in their class because other kids may look at them as different.  My daughter had to face challenges of bullying by other students because she had extra time on tests and help at the back of the classroom. We had to learn how to overcome that obstacle together since her being bullied hurt me just as much as it hurt her.

It’s very important to promote positive self-esteem to our children because they’re not different, they’re very special children who just need to learn in a different way.  We need to teach them how to completely tune our any negative words that other kids may say to them.  We need to teach them that any negative words they hear are not true at all.

We need to make sure that they know they’re very smart individuals who can do anything they put their minds to.  We need to find and teach them the ideal way in which they learn so that they can excel in school and in life.

It’s very important that we constantly praise our children when they do something right or get a great grade in school.  We always need to be extremely positive because children with learning disabilities have a lot going on in the first place.


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