I’m Turning Into My Mother (And It’s Not Too Bad)

Since becoming a mother I’ve also found myself turning into my own mother.  I always thought it would be scary to turn into my mother and I always dreaded it, in fact I promised myself that I would never let myself do it.  I don’t know why I was so worried about becoming similar to her.  I guess I never realized what a strong woman my mother was until I became a mother myself.  

My mother was a single mom, as I am, and she was and is an amazing woman.  She devoted her entire life to raising me on her own and she did a great job.  I actually find myself drawing a lot of strength and inspiration from the mother she is.  I’m also realizing just how much my mother was trying to protect me when I was younger, even though I thought I hated her back then.  You know when your mother says, “You’ll understand when you’re older”?   She was right, I now understand fully.

These are some reasons why I am turning into my own mom.

My purse is filled with nonsense and emergency items

My boyfriend and friends laugh at me whenever I go into my purse.  They call it a black hole, and that it is.  Inside of my purse I have various random things such as tissues, bobby pins, hair ties, hand wipes, bandaids, etc…  Sometimes I even find a Shopkin or a crayon in my purse.  This is how you know you’re turning into your mother, when your purse becomes a Barney Bag(Remember the Barney Bag?!)


I find myself using typical “Mom Phrases”

“Because I said so.”

“I’m your mother, that’s why!”

“I’ll turn this car around right now!”

These are all phrases that you’ve heard your mother say to you while growing up.  These are also phrases that you probably use on the daily now that you’re a mother.  Am I right?  I find myself using these phrases more than I thought I ever would and I secretly love it.


I’d rather stay home on a Friday night instead of going out

I’ve never really been a party girl but I used to enjoy hanging out with my friends on Friday nights.  Now that I’ve become a mother I’d rather sit home and watch TV on a Friday night.  Mostly because I’m exhausted from the week, homework, etc…  By Friday night I’m usually a walking zombie and can’t even function to consider going out.


I’d rather wear comfortable underwear than sexy ones

I wouldn’t say granny panties but I do love comfortable underwear and bras.  If I’m shopping for underwear I find myself choosing the more comfortable options over the sexy or fancy ones.  Since becoming a mom, I’m all about comfort.  Comfortable underwear, bras, leggings…things that you only wear consistently when you’re a mom.  (I don’t wear the mom jeans though.  I don’t find those to be comfortable. In fact, I rarely wear jeans – leggings are my jam!)


I enjoy cleaning

Thinking back to when I was a teenager, I hated cleaning.  I’d make any excuse that I could think of to get out of chores and cleaning.  It really came to me as a shock when I started to actually enjoy cleaning and when I would get obsessive about my kids not making a mess.  Cleaning has now become something that I enjoy doing daily.  I freaking love sweeping and swiffering the floor, I find them both very therapeutic.  I also have my favorite “go-to” cleaning products, what the hell is wrong with me?!


I ask for crazy things for my birthday

I remember when I would ask for a new trendy outfit, shoes, the best electronics or some other crap for my birthday.  Now I find myself asking for appliances, planners and other things that only an old person would ask for.  In fact, my birthday is in two weeks and I’m asking for a NutriBullet…yep, I’m old.  I admit it.


Teenagers annoy the crap out of me

When my daughter was 7 my friend and I took my daughter to her first concert.  We went to see R5, a Disney Channel group and their fan base was kids 7-16 years of age.  I remember leaning over to my friend and saying, “Damn, these teenagers are freaking annoying.” and then I realized what I said.  Did I just echo something that my mother said in the past?  I was in disbelief but really thought that the teenagers were annoying.  Since then I find myself saying that whenever I go out and see rowdy teenagers.  I make my 12 year old promise me, every day, that she will never turn into one of them!  I’m sure she secretly rolls her eyes at me when I turn around.



I used to make fun of my mother for being a pack rat but I’m slowly becoming one as well.  I save everything; school papers, artwork, plastic bags, Chinese containers, boxes, etc…  “I’ll use this one day.” is my excuse for saving everything.  The truth?  I hardly ever use any of the things that I save and end up eventually purging and throwing a load of crap out.  Yes, it’s painful to throw things out that I know I might use one day. (But probably won’t.)


Time alone is something that I cherish more than I should

When I get some time alone I’m ecstatic.  I love being able to go to the bathroom or shower without my kids arguing or needing me for something, I celebrate those moments.  If I get time to go out with my friend for dinner or a movie, I’m happier than a pig in shit.  When my kids go with their father for the weekend I feel freed but don’t know what to do with myself at the same time.  Even though I love my kids, having time alone is something that I absolutely love and cherish every moment of it.  Don’t even get me started about when I’m able to go to the store without my girls…


You’re constantly paranoid whenever your kids go out

My mother was one of those mom’s that would call me constantly when I was out with my friends.  She always thought that I ran off the road and was dying in a ditch, got abducted by aliens or some other crazy stuff.  I thought she was insane for thinking that and made fun of her all the time.  Now that I’m a mother with a pre-teen I can’t help but think the same things.  When my daughter goes to her friend’s houses and doesn’t call me every few hours I freak out.  I call her constantly until she answers and when she gives me attitude I say, “I just wanted to make sure you were still alive.”  I know she hates me for it, but I also know that she will one day realize how I feel.  She’ll realize it just like I realized how my mom felt.

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