10 Best Things About Being a Kid

When we were kids everything was so much easier.  I have such vivid memories of when I was a child and had no responsibilities but to have fun. In fact, some of my best memories were made when I was elementary school age. I’ll be honest, having kids lets me relive some of those memories and I absolutely love it.  It gives me an excuse to act like an idiot, to play with toys and to use my imagination when my kids and I play together. There are just some things that I miss about being a kid.

Not Having Responsibilities

One of the best things about being a kid is that you have absolutely no responsibilities besides going to school, doing homework and getting good grades.  Our parents cooked our delicious meals for us, they cleaned the house (and cleaned up after our messes, let’s be honest!), they made our beds and paid all of our bills.  Now that I’m a mom and I have to do all of that stuff, I realized how lucky I was not to have any of that responsibility for 18 years of my life.


Having Endless Energy

When I was a kid I had so much endless energy and literally felt like I was invincible.  I could come home from a full day at school, run around with my friends, go to my figure skating practice, come home and still not be tired.  Now that I’m an adult I miss the fact that I had endless energy back then because right now I have zero energy during the day.  I drink coffee like it’s going out of style and pray that it gives me energy to get through the day but most of the time it doesn’t.  I would literally give my left arm for endless energy right now…any takers?


Nap time

Who misses mandatory nap times? *Raises my hand and waves it wildly.*  When we were kids we had mandatory nap times which our parents strictly enforced, even if we battled them on it. As kids, we never wanted to take naps because we had all of that endless energy and I fully regret that now!  Being an adult and a mom I wish I had the time for an uninterrupted nap because God do I need about five of them a day. I’m lucky if I can get a 10-15 minute power nap in without my kids needing something or wrecking the house!


Having a Wild Imagination

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a wild imagination, I’m an artist and a very creative person but I miss having to have an imagination.  I feel like kids in this day and age don’t have as active of an imagination as we had when we were kids, thanks to technology.  I used to love going outside with my friends, my barbies and having to create scenarios to play out.  My friends and I would sit on my porch for hours playing with barbies and their accessories and we had some fun scenarios that we would play out!  I think one of my favorite memories would be having to use our imaginations to play with barbies, polly pockets, dolls, etc…  Those were some of the best times of my entire childhood.


Snow Days

How many of you would pray for snow days when you were in school?  I would sit by the TV when there was a threat of snow and watch for the ticker to show school closures.  I impatiently waited for the snow chain to call us to notify us about school being closed since we didn’t have robocalls back then. Snow days were so incredibly exciting for us because we would get a day off from school.  They were so exciting for us because we could go out and play in the snow with our friends.  They were so exciting for us because we didn’t have to shovel or drive in the snow.  I still love snow but shoveling and driving in it is a damn nightmare! I wish I was still a child and could enjoy the magic of a huge snowfall.


Chasing the Ice Cream Truck

When I was a kid I would dart for the door as soon as I heard the ice cream truck chime.  I usually had a few dollars that I could use from my allowance and I would wait for the ice cream truck to stop on my street, while standing by the door.  Back when I was younger Mister Softee (My favorite truck!) would cost just $1.75 for a cone so I always had enough money for some!  There were even times when my friends and I would chase the ice cream truck down the street or chase the truck on our bikes.  Those were the good old days!


Family Vacations

Every summer when we planned family vacations I would count the days down until we left.  Family vacations were one of the things I looked forward to the most when I was a kid!  Even if we were going down the shore, which was a 3 hour drive, it would seem like we were going on a magical adventure to a place far, far away.  I loved the beach, I loved the rides, I loved getting souvenirs, I loved everything about vacationing when I was younger.  I still love going on family vacations and love seeing my kids feel the way I did when I was a kid, but there’s so much responsibility now.  Booking the hotel, planning our days, packing…it’s much more work than it was when I was younger.  I feel like some of the magic is taken away by the responsibility.


Getting a New Toy

Toys R Us and KB Toys were my two favorite places when I was a kid.  I would beg my mom to take me almost every weekend and sometimes she obliged.  I used to walk the aisles in awe of all of the toys I could possibly get, incredibly indecisive because of the options in front of me.  When I would get a new toy it would be the best thing in the world, I would rip open that packaging and play with the toy for a whole two hours.  I would then proceed to forget about the toy for the next few months until I found it again.  (Sound familiar?) I love seeing my kids go through the thrill of a new toy and I love buying my kids new things, but I miss the fun of it myself.


Holiday Presents

When we were younger there was so much magic in Christmas.  We would make our Christmas lists in September, hint to our parents about the gifts we want and sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what we wanted for Christmas.  On Christmas morning we would wake up entirely too early to see what was under the tree, ripping open each package and making a huge deal about what we got.  Christmas was such a fun and magical time and we would get so many presents!  Winter break was filled with playing with all of the presents we got, hanging out with friends and sleeping in.  I still love Christmas and love seeing my kids enjoy it as much as I used to.  It just gets frustrating when you have to plan what gifts to get, deal with the shopping crowds and wrap presents.  There’s still magic in Christmas for us as adults, it’s just not entirely the same as when we were kids!


Making New Friends

Making friends was so easy for us when we were kids.  We would simply walk up to someone new, introduce ourselves and instantly become friends.  As adults it’s much harder to make friends and put yourself out there but Social Media does make it easier.  I just miss the ease of making friends when we were younger!

What do you miss most about being a kid?

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  1. Nap time. For that reason alone… Very fun post. I miss being a kid. I hope to help my littles enjoy their childhood to the best of their potential.

  2. Oh to be a kid again! I feel like I took is for granted at time, always wanted to do what adults do. I definitely miss not having responsibilities and having endless energy!

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