10 Things That Make Me Happy

Everyone has specific things that make them the happiest in life.  For some people it could be traveling, eating at a new restaurant, going to the movies, etc…  I have a top 10 list of things that make me happy and I always think about them when I don’t feel like anything is going good in my life.  In fact, I have these 10 things written down in both my planner and bullet journal so I can reference the things that make me the happiest when I’m feeling down.  Here are my top 10 things that make me happy.


One thing that makes me extremely happy in the morning (and throughout the day) is a warm cup of coffee. Everyone I know tells me that I’m horribly addicted to coffee, which is definitely true. Caffeine no longer affects me in a “caffeine rush” kind of way because I’ve been addicted to coffee for so long but it still gives me a small rush to get through the day. The only type of coffee that can keep me up at night is a light roast coffee. I never believed anyone when they said that light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark roast but it definitely does and it definitely gives you a huge energy boost!


My Kids

My kids are my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, even if they do drive me absolutely insane sometimes. Watching the two of them grow up has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Seeing them evolve, learn new things and develop their own goals and knowing that I was the main part of all of that is just so amazing to me. My kids are probably two of the things that make me the happiest.


My Family & Friends

My family and friends are amazing and I couldn’t ask for more. My mother has been the most supportive of me my entire life. Since it was only the two of us while I was growing up we’ve become best friends and confide in each other for everything. My sister, although I met her later in life when I was an adult, is one of my best friends as well. She’s probably the person that I’m the closest to and the person that I know I can tell absolutely anything to. I feel so thankful to have met her and that we are as close as we are. My boyfriend makes me extremely happy because he’s amazing, caring, loving and someone that understands me. He not only loves me but he loves my girls as though they were his own and that’s all that I’ve ever wanted in a partner. I don’t have many friends but the friends that I do have, have been with me through the tough times and the good times. They’ve proved that they’re actually true friends and I thank them for that. Those are the people who make me the happiest in life because they’re always there for me, they know how to cheer me up when I’m down and they love me unconditionally.


My Car

I have a 2013 Dodge Dart that I bought from my sister after my Kia Forte completely died on me and I love my car so very much. I associate my car with freedom and I love driving aimlessly when I’m upset, depressed or just need to think. My car is literally my lifeline and I don’t know what I would do without it, especially now that I live in the suburbs and everything is much farther away than when I lived in the city!


My Businesses

I’ve built two successful businesses that are my pride and joy. My first business was (and still is) Infopoint Virtual Solutions which is a Virtual Assistant and Consulting agency. I started this business back in 2007 when I was 22 years old and worked my ass off at researching, learning and building the business that I have now.  I also have Kristin Patrice Coaching & Consulting which is a business coaching & consulting agency for female entrepreneurs.  I built this business because I believe strongly that female entrepreneurs are the future.  Females are extremely strong individuals who can do whatever they set their minds to but some need just a little help at either getting their businesses off the ground or getting over obstacles that they may face during the course of building their business.  I love going into my home office everyday and love working and helping my clients to succeed.  Being a part of something larger really does make me happy and it makes me feel like I’ve done something that matters in my life.



If you ask anyone who knows me what my materialistic obsession is they will tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with purses.  I’ve always loved buying and collecting purses but a few years back my sister turned me on to Michael Kors and Kate Spade which are now my two favorite brands.  I’m slightly shamed to admit that I have 37 purses in my collection and it will always be growing.  I treat my purses like I treat my children and I make sure that they’re taken care of appropriately and stored in my closet at all times.  Everyone in my house knows that they can’t touch any of my purses without permission, though I do lend my sister purses occasionally.  My sister and I also swap Michael Kors purses, which I love to do!



I’ve always lived 30 minutes out of Midtown Manhattan and because of that I grew up around theater.  I saw my first show when I was very young and I’ve been in love with theater ever since.  Over the years I have met people who love theater equally as much as I do and we go to shows together as often as we can.  I’ve seen countless shows but my favorites have always been Les Miserables, Rent, Spiderman, Spamalot and I am now in love with Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.  I’ve made sure that my girls grew up around theater and introduced them to Broadway at a young age as well.  My youngest absolutely loves to listen to showtunes and my oldest has aspirations of being a Broadway actress/dancer and she will make it too.  She occasionally trains with and goes to master classes with a Broadway actress that my friend and I had befriended a few years back.  My daughter is an amazing dancer and actress and I know that one day we will all see her up on that stage!


Lazy Days

Though I’m motivated to succeed and determined to a fault I am also lazy as hell.  I think this is why my favorite animal is the sloth. 🙂  I absolutely love the days when I have nothing to do and can lounge around in pajamas, watch YouTube, write some blogs, take naps and just be lazy.  These are my favorite kinds of days!  My girls and I take lazy days at least once a week and we have so much fun doing nothing together.  These are memories that I will always treasure because I know my oldest won’t want to hang out with me for much longer.  Once teenage years hit I’m sure I’ll turn into her worst enemy.


Being a Planner Girl

Pattern Notebook Pen Cute Hearts Planner Write

I joined the world of “planner babes” 5 years ago and I’ve never looked back.  I love when I am able to go into my office, get out my creative supplies and creatively plan.  Though I do plan effectively and thoroughly I also love to decorate my planners, the fun colors, designs, stickers, washi tape and illustrations make me smile every time I look in my planner.  I also love the fact that my planner keeps me absolutely organized and everything in my life is down in one place.  My house may look like a mess but I like to call it organized chaos because I do know where everything is at a moment’s notice.  (Hence the name of my blog!)



What girl doesn’t love shopping? Am I right?  Shopping makes me extremely happy and gives me such an adrenaline rush.  My favorite stores are Target, Michaels, The Container Store, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Walmart and Five Below and I frequent them many times a week, especially if I’m feeling down.  Though I don’t spend too frivolously and am on a budget, I love to get some new things to make me happy and elevate my mood.  My girls and I sometimes have shopping outings where we window shop and pick up some small things for ourselves.  I love it!

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