Our Summer Summary 2017

We had an absolutely amazing summer, probably one of the best summers that we’ve ever had.

When school ended for the kids we decided that we wanted to have a pool.  We thought about one of those Intex frame pools that we’ve had in the past, but the thought of actually assembling it and then having to disassemble it was something we just absolutely dreaded.  While my mom and I were shopping at Walmart in the middle of June, we saw this Bestway inflatable ring pool and it was perfect for what we needed for this summer.

Granted, the pool was only 3ft deep and 16 ft round, but we honestly didn’t want to hassle with putting up a fence or getting a permit for a larger pool.  Truth be told, this pool ended up being absolutely perfect for the kids (and myself) for the summer.  We ended up having an amazing time splashing, swimming and having quality family time with this pool.  In fact, once we take it down for the winter, I’m sure we can store it and use it next year as well!

Towards the middle of June, my sister, my boyfriend, my kids and I went to Coney Island to the beach and Luna Park.  We had such a great time there riding the rides, my kids were excited to go on the Go Karts with my boyfriend and my sister and I went on some rides together too.

In July we ended up booking a last minute trip to Wildwood Crest for an entire week and we were all extremely excited.  As a child, my mom, uncle and I used to go to Wildwood every single summer until I was in High School.  I hadn’t been there in around 15 years and I was so excited that we were going back this year.

We spent a lot of time on the boardwalk shopping around at the little shops, playing games, hanging out at the beach and went to one of the two water parks that the boardwalk had.  We had an absolutely amazing time.  I was also glad that my girls had the chance to ride the NJ famous “Tram Car” up and down the boardwalk to wherever we had to go.

After coming back from Wildwood, the next week in July we went down to Seaside Heights, NJ with my family and my best friend.  Every summer we go down to Seaside Heights at least once because we love to walk the boardwalk and hang out at the water park.  That’s one place that is a tradition for us to visit during the summer.  We had such a great time at the water park and the boardwalk, as we usually do.  My youngest found her love for all things water slides and rode each water slide with me at least twice!  My oldest isn’t too into water slides, but she absolutely loved the wave pool.

Our next big venture was a surprise trip we planned for the girls to Kalahari in the Poconos.  My oldest has been talking about this place since we moved here and her friends started going there and she has been begging me to take her.  I surprised her by booking this trip two weeks before we left and she was absolutely excited that she would be able to go to the one place that everyone was talking about.

Kalahari was one of the best places that I had ever been to in my entire life.  The resort was absolutely beautiful, it had multiple restaurants, shops, an arcade and the most amazing indoor water park that I had ever seen.  This place is now one of my favorite places to visit — we are definitely taking a trip there during Winter Break.  We only stayed for two days but we had the best time, I really wished that we could stay longer.

We had an absolutely amazing summer filled with so much fun, two vacations and quality family time.  I honestly couldn’t ask for more and don’t feel sad that the summer is over because we had such a great time.

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