Best Apps for Back to School

For Kids

Quizlet – Quizlet is a great tool for studying.  I downloaded this on my oldest daughter’s phone last year and this has been a valuable tool in her learning.  She can go through her flashcards at night, when she’s on her way to school or at any break throughout the day when she’s able to turn her phone on.  However, I don’t suggest this IN PLACE of flashcards.  I think that kids should still use paper flashcards for those times when they can’t use this app on their phone.

Photomath – This may be a good app for older kids who are beginning to learn more advanced math, but this can help with your child’s math homework.  With this app, you take a picture of the math problem and it will give you the answer. Now this app can be abused so I do suggest that you only let your child use this app for two reasons:

  • Neither you or your child can figure out the problem. (Come on, with this new Common Core Math, don’t tell me that you don’t get confused!
  • You use the app to get the answer and then help your child to get to that same answer so they understand the problem. – Even though your child may use an actual paper dictionary for school, I always suggest to have the app for quick lookup of words.  Whether they’re doing homework and need to look up a word or whether they’re reading a book and want to look up a word; it’s useful to have the app instead of taking the time to look through an actual dictionary.  I know there will be plenty of people who disagree with me, but I have seen my kids lose concentration when they had to look through an actual dictionary to find a word.

BrainPOP – This app will allow your child to watch educational videos/movies on various subjects and then quizzes your child on their knowledge and comprehension about what they just watched.  My kids use this app and they really find it educational and fun, which I think is the key to a great app for kids.  Anything that makes learning fun, I am all for!

Vocabulary Spelling City – This is a great literacy and spelling app with fun games that can help your kids to widen their vocabulary.  Once again, this makes learning fun and I think that’s a great thing.

Prompts – Prompts costs $3.99 but this is a great app that both my children and I both use.  This app gives you countless writing prompts to help you beat writers block.  This will be useful to get your kids journaling, to help them with their creative writing or to give them a prompt if they have a free writing assignment to do for school.

Duolingo – This is another app that is great for kids and adults and helps you to learn a new language.  If your kids take a foreign language at school, I would definitely download this app.  My daughter takes Spanish in school and I feel that this has helped her tremendously with her Spanish studies.


For Parents

Evernote – I’ve talked about Evernote before, but I swear by this app for organization.  Not only do I use this for business and personal organization, but I also use it to organize my children’s documents.  This is great for saving any school receipts, school flyers or documents that may clutter up a home bulletin board or even saving your kids report cards that you may get.  This app is amazing for organizing anything in your life.  Personally, this has made a huge difference in my home organization.

Cozi Family Organizer – I’ve also spoken about Cozi but this app is great for organizing your family and all of their activities.  The beginning of the school year also means the beginning of school activities, sports, etc…  With Cozi, you can color code each family member and enter their day to day schedules so you don’t forget a thing.  You can also add lists, notes and sync the app with your computer or other family members so they can see what you input into the app as well.  I absolutely love this app for organizing my life and seeing what my girls need to do on a daily basis.

myHomework – myHomework is a great app that allows you to organize your kids nightly homework, any projects and their due dates, reports, etc…  I use this app so I know what’s coming up for my kids instead of (mistakingly) allowing them to keep track of their homework on their own. (Which could be disastrous!)

Life360/Find My Family –  This used to be called Life360 but is now called Find My Family.  Yes, this has a lot of similarities to Apple’s native Find My Friends app, but it is also a lot different.  With this app you’re able to see where your kids are if they go out, you’ll be alerted with a push notification when they leave and enter the house and you will know where they are at any time during the day.  This is good for older kids who walk home, take the bus home or go out with their friends.  I enjoy the fact that I can see when my kids get home, even if I’m working outside the home or am running errands.

LaLaLunchbox – Ah, the lunch struggle!  I haven’t used this app yet but I downloaded it for this coming school year because it seems like such a great and useful app.  If you pack your own kids lunch, you may need this app to help you along the way. You can add your kids into the app and they can help to choose their lunches every day so there’s no more arguments about what they will be having for lunch.  You can also input a grocery list so you’ll know exactly what you need to purchase for their lunches.  I can see this app making my life a lot easier in the evenings when I’m trying to figure out what to make my kids for lunch!

Ringya – Ringya helps you to contain all of those phone numbers or school calling lists that you may get.  All you have to do is take a photo of the list or number and this app will save it for you.  You can categorize them by school (if you have multiple kids in different schools like I do) or even by sports team.  This app really helps you to not lose any phone numbers that you may need throughout the year.

Chore Monster – I’ve used Chore Monster for a few years and I absolutely love it.  This is a great app to manage your child’s daily chores and makes it fun for them. You can create chores and create rewards within this app for each of your kids, each chore is given a point value that can add up for rewards that are within the app.  Your child then can login to pick a chore to do and log their “points” for the rewards that you put within that app.  This has really helped my kids to stay on top of their chores and earn rewards while they work their way up.

What are some apps that you suggest for both kids and parents for back to school time?



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