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I can’t believe it’s almost time for my girls to go back to school!  I feel like the summer flew by and even though we had a great summer, I’m ready for the girls to go back to school.  I’m pretty sure they’re ready too because they’re getting pretty bored being home and are currently running out of fun things to do to keep themselves busy!

Being someone who is addicted to planning and goal setting, I thought this year we would sit down together and really have a goal setting session for the school year.  Personally, I know how valuable setting goals is in my own business and how goals keep me motivated to succeed and I wanted to try this with my girls for the coming school year.  I figured this would be a great idea to keep my 6th grader motivated and help my 9-year-old to keep improving in school.  (She’s partially deaf with an IEP, so anything that can keep her improving is worth it.)

We sat down (I may have bribed them with lunch) and talked about the school year, what they’re looking forward to, what they are nervous about and what they wanted to accomplish this year. I explained to them what the S.M.A.R.T goal method is and why it’s important to create goals for yourself and work towards them all year.

(At the end of this post I am going to share the worksheet that I created & used with my girls so you can help your kids create goals for themselves as well.)

smart goals

Why is it important for kids to set school-year goals for themselves?

I feel that it’s important to teach kids about goals and goal setting while they’re still young.  When you’re young you absorb so much more information and can retain that information for your entire life.  Your kids will eventually have to learn to create goals for themselves whether it’s in college, in business or when they become parents.  Setting goals is important because you will have something to work towards and keep up your motivation in order to reach those goals.

When your children have clear and defined goals that they can keep progress of, they can feel a large sense of accomplishment as they work towards their goals and finally complete those goals.  This can be a boost of confidence for your children so they feel like they can accomplish what they set their minds to.

When I explained goal setting to my kids, I had them think about what they are having difficulty with and what they really want to accomplish this year.  From there, we went on to set our school year goals.

What goals did my girls set for themselves?

My 6th grader – My 6th grader is nearly a straight A student.  She is one of those kids who can look at material once and it stays with her for the rest of her life.  I honestly never worry about her in school or worry about her taking tests because I know that she retained the information that she learned in school and studied on her own.  She researches history, science, etc… on her own time and enjoys learning new things.

Her goals:

  1. To keep on getting good grades in school this year. I want to get at all A’s or B’s and if I don’t understand a topic I will ask my teacher for extra help in learning it.
  2. To read 2 educational books a month so I can learn more on my own time.
  3. To focus more on Math since it will be harder this year and ask my teacher if there is something that I don’t understand clearly.


My 4th grader – My 4th grader is partially deaf in one ear and has an IEP which helps her in school.  Unfortunately, she is very behind with her reading level since her old school failed her and wouldn’t allow her to get the help she needed because of her disability.  Ever since we transferred schools and the IEP was created at the beginning of last year, she has been excelling and went up 4 reading levels this year.  She’s still two levels behind the rest of her grade and I know that she will get there with the help of her amazing teachers.

Her goals:

  1. To get to the same reading level as my class by working hard with my teacher and practicing my reading at home.
  2. To try harder in speech class and volunteer to be the first one to do something since I really want to improve.
  3. To spend more time doing homework with mommy and not complain about it.


We are planning on creating some sort of chart so that my girls can help to measure their progress to reach their goals this year.  This will help to keep them motivated and once they see that they’ve reached a goal, they will be more inclined to want to create more goals for the remainder of the school year.


goal setting worksheet for kids

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