10 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve seen plenty of bloggers writing about Things That Make Me Happy and I actually thought it was a great idea to join!  I think everyone needs to dwell on the good in life and what makes us happy rather than what disappoints us and makes us feel like crap.

  1. A big cup of nearly black coffee

    Call me a caffeine addict (because I am) but everything about coffee makes me happy.  I love the smell of coffee first thing in the morning, I love drinking my (nearly black) coffee in the morning (and 6 times throughout the day) and I love going to Starbucks for a latte or frappuccino. (Which I don’t do that often, so that’s a treat for me!)

  2. My beautiful (but crazy) kids

    My girls are my life and they also make me the happiest.  They know exactly how to cheer me up when I feel down, they’re funny, crazy and the sweetest girls in the entire world.

  3. Knowing that I have an amazing boyfriend, friends, and family

    I’m lucky to have people in my life who really love and support me. I have a great family who has supported all of my crazy and genius ideas that I had in my life, I have great friends who support me and have stuck by me even though sometimes I can be a royal pain in the ass and I have a boyfriend who loves me even though I can be out of my mind insane on occasion.  All of those important people in my life make me extremely happy.

  4. Creating

    I am and have always been an artist and I love being creative.  Any type of creativity makes me extremely happy and extremely grounded.  Art has always been an emotional outlet for me to relieve anger, stress, frustration or depression and I think everyone needs something like that in their lives whether it’s art, designing, writing, sports, or exercising.

  5. Working with My Clients

    Call me crazy (and you might) but I absolutely love working.  Yes, I work from home and yes I have my own business but occasionally that still doesn’t mean that you love your job.  I’m lucky enough to have founded two businesses which I love because I’m passionate about helping others.

  6. Sloths

    Sloths are one of my favorite animals because they’re just so adorable.   I have a collection of stuffed sloths and posters, cups, etc… and they all make me smile. One of these days I’m hoping to go to Pennsylvania to the National Aviary so I can get up close and personal with a sloth, that would make me ecstatic!

  7. Ruby Tuesday’s Salad Bar

    Probably 7 years ago one of my best friends introduced me to Ruby Tuesdays restaurant and I fell in love with their salad bar.  In fact, I fell in love with their salad bar so much that every week for almost 7 years I have been going to Ruby Tuesdays to get their salad bar.  I’m not sure what it is about that restaurant, but it’s definitely one of my most favorites.

  8. Shopping

    Every girl loves shopping and I’m not any different.  I absolutely love shopping, especially for new purses, candles, and clothes.  Good old retail therapy.

  9. Meeting New People

    While I’m not the biggest people person in the entire world and most people frustrate me and make me angry when they do or say certain things, I still love meeting new and interesting people.  I especially love to make new business friends through Facebook groups so I’m able to relate to someone on a business level.  I’m not the most social person offline, so I try to meet most of my friends online, that’s a place where I’m most comfortable being myself.  In fact, most of my really good friends that I have now are friends that I met online at one point or another.  Except for my best friend who lives down the block — we met through another mutual friend. (Who I met online!)

  10. Animals

    I am a HUGE animal lover.  In fact, we have two guinea pigs (Luna and S’mores) a Teacup Yorkie (Pixi), a 75-gallon fish tank in our living room with 6 fish (so far), a 15-gallon downstairs with my male betta (Freddie) and a 5-gallon with my three female bettas. (Piper, Coco and Blueberry)  I think that’s actually one of the reasons my boyfriend and I got along so good the first time we met because he has an adorable French Bulldog, 7 geckos, a snake, a frog, etc…  We’re both animal lovers.  I’ve always been an animal lover and have had plenty of pets in my 32 years, I just wish I had the room to have more pets in my house because I definitely would!

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