You Know You’re Getting Old When…


  1. You forget why you walked into a room

    I do this at least once a day, unfortunately.  There are also those days when I call a friend and can’t remember for the life of me why I was calling her in the first place.  At least most of my friends are my age and completely understand that we may be going senile in our mid 30’s.

  2. On Friday night the only thing you’re excited about is not working for the next two days

    Remember those Friday nights when you used to party?  Yeah, me either.  Now that I’m in my mid 30’s, Fridays just mean that I can be lazy and watch TV in my pajamas all weekend.  Party animal!

  3. A new pack of socks or new underwear makes you squeal in delight

    Is this just me?  Whenever I get new socks or underwear I just about pass out in excitement.  These were the exact gifts that I dreaded my grandmother getting me as a child.  (And trust me, these were always in my stocking.)

  4. You use the phrase “I’m turning this car around right now!” or “Because I said so!”

    …Then you realize you’re turning into your mother and you start crying a little inside.  This happens to me on a daily basis if not more often and I hate it every single fricken time!

  5. When filling out a form you have to scroll ALL the way down to get to your birth year

    The other thing I want to know is, why do those drop downs start at 2017.  What 1 year old is signing up for something on the internet?

  6. You complain about those “rowdy” teenagers

    TEENAGERS CAN BE SO ANNOYING.  I’m not sticking all teenagers into the annoying category but the majority of them are.  I find myself complaining about the behavior of teenagers at least twice a week.

  7. You’re ready for bed by 10 pm

    Hell, I’m ready for bed by 7pm…but it really wouldn’t be proper for me to go to sleep so early.  Sometimes I decide to be more rebellious and stay up until 1 am.  Watch out! Badass coming through!

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    1. Joey, I’ve done that a number of times. What made me feel the oldest was when I took my oldest to a concert and I was complaining about how rowdy and loud the girls were. Then I realized that used to be me when I was a teenager.

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