8 Things That I’m Putting Off

Yes, I am a huge procrastinator and I will be the first person to admit that. There are times that I migrate [non-time-bound] to-do tasks for a week before I actually get to them because they’re tasks that I don’t necessarily feel like going out of my way to do, and I know that’s bad!  I have so many essential tasks that I need to get done in my day between my business, my blogs, my girls, meetings, and appointments; that I just feel like being ultimately lazy when all of my important tasks are complete for the day.  After they’re done I just end up curling up with my phone, YouTube or blogs and do absolutely nothing productive for the rest of that night.  Maybe I shouldn’t try to fit so much into my day, but being busy is how I keep myself productive.

Enough excuses, let’s be honest.  Here are 8 things that I’m currently putting off.


Going to the Bank

It’s actually pretty funny, we all want and like money, but sometimes we just don’t want to go to the bank.  I have had two checks and some leftover vacation cash that I’ve needed to deposit for a little over a week now. Yes, I could deposit the checks on my mobile banking app, but I figured that since I also had cash, I would go to the ATM.  My goal is going to the bank today to deposit them, let’s see how that ends up working out!


Dying My Hair

A few months ago I decided to dye my hair a dark purple and I loved it…for a while.  Right now my hair is somewhere between a faded purple, red, brown and dark brown mess and I honestly can’t even tell what color it is nor do I want to try to tell.  I honestly just want to get my hair to a light brown so I don’t have to look at this multi-color mess anymore.  The only problem with that is this…with any bright red or purple color you can’t dye over the color because no matter how hard you try, the color won’t lift.  My only two choices are to bleach my hair, which always ends up in disaster or using color remover.  I purchased the color remover and the light brown hair dye two weeks ago but have yet to actually do anything with the four boxes sitting on my dresser.  I know the hassle it’s going to be to actually apply the color remover, wash it out, dry it, wait a day and dye my hair and that’s the exact reason why I’m putting this off.


Scheduling My Keratin Treatment

About a month ago I found a great deal on Groupon for a Keratin treatment and I hopped on the chance to purchase it.  I know that I can’t go for the Keratin treatment until I dye my hair (because I can’t color treat my hair afterward) and I thought that purchasing the Groupon and making the appointment would kick my ass into dying my hair.  The only problem with that plan is that I haven’t actually scheduled the Keratin treatment yet and have been putting off making the phone call to get it scheduled.  While I’m procrastinating, I’m still complaining every single day how my hair is curly AF and out of control.  The simple solution to that is to just schedule the dan Keratin treatment so my hair can be soft, smooth and beautiful.  Except, right now it looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket while getting struck by lightning all at the same time.


Going School Supply Shopping

I absolutely hate going school supply shopping more than anything else in the world.  I hate that the teachers are so particular and specific about the types and colors of notebooks and folders that the girls need and always get confused while school shopping.  I also hate going amongst people when I know there will be a mob of people in one area; such as where the school supplies are.  The thing is, the longer I wait to get the girls’ school supplies, the busier it will get…and the less patience I will have while school supply shopping.  I should honestly just get my ass in gear, suck it up and go to Walmart, but just the word Walmart gives me anxiety… (I don’t people very well.)


Cleaning My House

Sometimes I actually wonder why I bother to clean my house since my kids will come along and screw it up in two seconds flat.  Then I realize that in order to be a productive and respected member of society, I can’t have my house look like a tornado tore through it.  There’s only so much of “mom mess” that’s acceptable before people start talking about you behind your back.  Cleaning my house (and I mean deep cleaning) has been on my to-do list for about three weeks already and I have yet to completely finish it.  There have been days where I felt like semi-cleaning, but then I get overwhelmed, lazy and give up.



Last month our dryer stopped working for a week and laundry began to pile up.  While we had a broken dryer I would wash the clothes that I knew we needed immediately and hung them up to dry on an over-the-door shoe rack.  However the rest of the laundry that we didn’t need immediately just piled up in laundry baskets in our basement.  I know I should dedicate a day (yes a whole day, there’s that much) to do these loads of laundry, but then I realize that once I do the laundry I have to fold it and put it away.  That’s when I get lazy and say I will do it another day.


Planning a Yard Sale

We have so much shit that we don’t need any longer and it’s cluttering our garage and closets in our basement.  I’ve been wanting to have a yard sale since May and haven’t gotten around to planning one.  I really need to get to this soon as summer is running out and once school starts no one cares to visit yard sales.  This is probably one of the most important tasks that I need to get done within the next two weeks because if I have to look at this unneeded clutter one more time, I will go absolutely crazy and lose my mind.


Hanging My Bathroom Cabinet

TWO MONTHS AGO I purchased a cabinet for my bathroom wall over my toilet and that box has been sitting in my garage since.  Honestly, when I purchased it I realized that I had lost my electronic screw driver but a few days later I did go out and purchase a new screwdriver.  There’s absolutely no excuse why I haven’t hung this cabinet yet except for the fact that I’m lazy.  I know it’s going to take a lot of work leveling the cabinet and getting the screws in the wall where they need to be and I don’t feel like going through all of that trouble.  I planned on asking my boyfriend to help me one day but he has been to my house a few times since I purchased the cabinet and I always forget to ask him.  I think it’s time I suck it up and just get this cabinet hung already.

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