My Absolute Favorite iPhone Apps

Of course I love the typical apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, etc… but there are some other apps that I absolutely can’t live without.  There are so many apps that I love, so these are just a select few, but here are some of my very favorite apps: (Some bullet points contain affiliate links)

Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts

I know, I know, as coffee fans we are supposed to pick between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts but honestly, I pick what’s most convenient for me at the time. (Although Starbucks is my absolute favorite coffee shop.) I use the loyalty programs at both of these places and use my app to fund my addiction, pay for my coffee and to rack up those points for free coffee.

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It’s so interesting to see what you were doing a year ago, two years ago, four years ago, etc…  I love that Timehop keeps all of my social media memories all in one place.  It’s just so cool to see how far you’ve come from 1+ years ago and I’m excited to open it every morning to see all of my memories.  Whoever created this app, kudos to you, man!




Have you ever wanted to keep your entire life in one place?  You can by using Evernote and this is exactly why I use Evernote.  Evernote is like an online filing cabinet for absolutely everything in your life.  I use it to organize my to-do lists, I send my emails to Evernote for organization, I use it to plan parties, holidays, special events, my kids’ stuff, etc…  I literally put everything in Evernote so I have everything in one place and can find anything I need from any location I may be at.  Evernote is so great for organizing and keeping things right at your fingertips.




Trello is an app that is so versatile and can be used for almost anything.  Personally, I use Trello for business and personal purposes.  It houses boards such as my editorial calendar, client tasks for my different businesses, our house searching list for when we were going to move, to-do lists, my workflow checklist, home cleaning list, home projects list, bucket list, etc…  I use Trello for any lists that I need to make and anything that needs to get done.  I like to use Trello for my lists because the user interface is beautiful, you can add your own cover photos to your boards and you can organize your boards however you’d like to.  Trello is such a versatile app that you can turn it into almost anything you want it to be.  I just personally use it to house all of my lists so they’re easily accessible and all in one place.




Waze is probably one of the best navigation apps in the whole app store and I use this one almost every day.  I use it primarily to see how the traffic is since it has real time traffic updates from actual users, I also use it if I have to be somewhere at a particular time and utilize the “remind me when to leave” feature. Waze is such a great app and I love that most of the updates are powered by actual users of the app. I trust the traffic predictions so much more since they’re reported by people actually driving that route at that particular time rather than by a satellite.




I honestly couldn’t live without the Tile app and the Tile key fob.  I constantly lose my keys and having the Tile key fob to tell me where my keys are and play a sound helps me find them so much quicker than if I was just to search around for them. (For hours)  And girl, let me tell you, the key that my Dodge uses is $650 FOR A SPARE KEY.  I refuse to pay that much for a car key and having my Tile helps me to never have to replace my car key.

The best part is, you don’t have to only use the Tile for your keys, you can put the fob in absolutely anything that you constantly lose and need help to find on a daily basis.   You can buy the Tile Mate on Amazon for just $24.96 (Prime baby!) and you can download the app here!


Oh Nest thermostat, how much I love thee.  My Nest thermostat was a Christmas present from my boyfriend and honestly, this was the best present I’ve ever received.  I’m a completely lazy person and my entire family is way too indecisive about temperatures in our house.  With my Nest thermostat and Nest app I am able to change the temperature from my phone without getting up.  I also love the fact that I can check the temperature of the house and adjust the temperature when I’m away from home.  My thermostat literally has been saving me $60-$80 a month on my heating and cooling every month.

You can buy the Nest thermostat on Amazon for just $243.95 (Prime baby!) and you can download the app here!

WTF Weather

This is the funniest and probably the most honest weather app out there.  It has humorous (and sometimes profane, if you turn the profanity on) weather forecasts.  I absolutely love having this weather app on my phone.




Green Light

I just started using this app but I absolutely love it for helping my kids understand money.  This app provides you with a prepaid debit card for your child and you’re completely in control of how much you put on those cards.  When you download the app it will allow you to fund your child’s debit card and you can also choose where you want to allow them to spend the money.  You can choose the store, you can choose the restaurant, you can choose the limit you want them to spend, etc…  We started loading my girls’ allowances onto their debit cards and it’s letting them learn how spending works because they can physically see how much they’re using and where they’re using it.



Grub Hub

My family orders food way too much but we absolutely love Grub Hub.  It’s great to be able to see all of the restaurants that deliver and their menus all in one place.  They also send occasional 20% off coupons which are great to use when your family orders in as much as we do.



These are some of my most favorite apps, what are your favorite apps that you can’t live without?



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