10 Reasons Why I Love My Job

For those of you who don’t know, I am a work-at-home mom, a mompreneur, an entrepreneur, a woman small business owner, whatever you want to call me.  Basically, I’m my own boss (#girlboss) and I do what I want all day, as long as I have time to work on my blogs and my businesses.  (That’s right, blogs and businesses – both plural.  Yes, I’m both very driven to succeed and absolutely crazy for taking on so much.) 

Not everyone can say that they love their jobs, but I’m not one of those who dread going to work every day.  In fact, I look forward to getting up every morning to see what my business has in store for me. I honestly feel like every day is a new adventure and a new learning experience and I feel that is the way that working should be.  

  1. I Get to Work in My Pajamas

    I know this is the most cliche bullet point that’s going to be in this post but it’s one of my favorite things about working from home.  I absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to put actual clothes on while I’m working.  I can honestly wake up, roll out of bed, grab my coffee and sit down at my desk and work — in my pajamas!  I’m sure you can relate, but some days taking a shower first thing in the morning and changing into clothes is just so much work and energy that I just can’t commit to. Please take note that I don’t work in my pajamas every day, most of the time I actually get dressed and do my makeup like I am going to an actual office job, but everyone occasionally has those lazy days.  Don’t judge me.

  2.  No Commute

    Living in the New York City metro area, rush hour traffic starts at around 6 am and lasts until 10 am, alternatively at night, rush hour starts at 3:30 pm and lasts until around 6:30 pm. (Depending on the day, on Fridays during the summer rush hour seems to start at 2 pm.)  That said, commuting around here absolutely sucks and I had to do it for so many years.  I used to work at an office that was an hour away from my house, and commuting there and back every day was enough to make me sometimes want to jump out in the middle of traffic.   Now that I work from home, I love the fact that my only commute is from my bed to my downstairs office and the only traffic I sometimes have are groggy, hungry children walking slowly down the stairs.

  3.  I Can Take Days Off

    While I love working and everyone who knows me calls me a workaholic, there are days that I need to take off in order to either take my kids somewhere, take my mom somewhere or just go to lunch with a friend.  Working from home and being my own boss means that I am able to take days off without having to ask a boss or go through human resources.  Of course, being your own boss also means that you don’t get paid days off, but I think taking days off whenever I want to completely outweighs the fact that I don’t get paid for it.

  4. I Create My Own Schedule

    Similarly to the above point, I enjoy the fact that I can make my own schedule.  I do try to work every day and I do set my work hours as being 9 am to 5 pm, but if I need to alter my schedule for any reason, I can do so without having to answer to anyone else.  I can work a few hours in the morning, take some time off to get housework done and then go back to work after dinner if I wanted to. (Which is sometimes what I do if I have a lot of housework to do.)  I love the fact that I can schedule other tasks and events into my day and adjust my working hours around them.

  5. More Productivity

    Because I work from home in my home office, I can be more productive than if I worked in an uncomfortable office outside of the home.  When we moved, I designed my office with peace, tranquility, and productivity in mind and really did my best to make my office a space where I could work without interruption.  I feel that I succeeded because my office really helps me to concentrate and to get as much done as possible within my day and I don’t have to worry about co-workers constantly distracting me from my daily tasks.

  6. I Can Work From Bed

    I don’t make a habit of this because I know that this could easily turn into a bad habit, but I could work from bed if I had to.  I currently only do this if I’m not feeling well or if there is a late night task that needs to be done immediately.  I do keep extra pens, pencils and a notebook in my bedside drawer and also have a laptop table that goes on my bed that I can use to work if I had to work from my bed for any reason. I love having the flexibility to work from wherever I want to work and to be able to live the laptop nomad lifestyle.  It’s liberating!

  7. More Family Time

    During the school year my girls are mostly in school when I’m working, but during the summer when they’re home, I can spend the entire day with them if I wanted to.  (Which I occasionally want to do…when they’re not driving me up a wall.)  I enjoy the fact that because I am my own boss, my girls can sit in my office while I work and we can have family time.  Even though I try to eliminate distractions during my work day, on occasion we might sit in my office and watch a movie while I work or they may do crafts or even homework in my office while I work.  I love the fact that my girls can technically “come to work with me” and I love that they can see the determination that it takes to run a business.  Because they see me working from home every day and reaching my business goals, they are inspired to want to own their own businesses when they get older.  I love that I can inspire my girls by just doing what I love.

  8. I Can Eat Healthier

    Because I’m working from home I don’t have to rush and grab something in the morning to bring to work with me for breakfast or lunch.  I also don’t have to go out and buy breakfast or lunch, so technically I’m also saving more money. (Which I love doing because I’m cheap AF!) I actually have the time to make a healthy breakfast or healthy lunch because I don’t have any time restrictions.  (It doesn’t mean that I do eat healthily, but I am able to because I work from home.)

  9. Not Having to Converse With Others

    I’m not completely anti-social but I do enjoy not having to randomly small talk with co-workers or people I don’t know.  I enjoy being around others to an extent but when it goes past that extent I start losing my patience with people.  I’d much rather converse with my clients or quickly have a work related chat with a colleague over the internet or text message.  I find that communicating and conversing with others in real life is too much of a time commitment and too difficult. (Wow, I really do sound anti-social, I swear I’m not!)

  10. I’m Not the Most Punctual Person

    If you ask anyone in my family (or friends) if I’m ever on time, they will probably laugh.  To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest morning person in the world and I like to wake up on my own terms.  When I had to wake up with an alarm clock due to having to be at work on time, that alarm clock was my enemy and I would constantly throw it around and beat it up.  (Seriously.)  When I work from home, I don’t have to punch a clock or be anywhere at a specific time unless I have a meeting or an appointment that I need to be at.

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  1. As someone who lives in a city where travel from point A to point B can take up to 2 hours (not because of distance but traffic), I appreciate reason #2 the most.

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