10 Things I Love About Being a Mom

Being a mother is definitely a very rewarding experience that any woman could ever have in her life, even through all the hard times.  In fact, whenever I’m having a hard day and second guess my parenting skills, I start thinking about how grateful I am to have such wonderful children and to have the chance to be a mom.  Even on those days when my kids are being royal pains in my ass, I’m still thankful that I’m a mom, even though sometimes I want to send them off to boarding school. (No joke!)  Here are 10 things that I love about being a mom:

1. Unconditional Love

For the most part, our children love us no matter what, even if they don’t like you when you have to discipline them…or embarrass them…or just anytime after the age of 10.  It’s amazing how our children are born loving us and knowing that we’re their mother even though they’re just newborns.  That unconditional love is something that you would only feel if you had kids, and I honestly never knew that it could be as strong as it really is.  Once your child is born, you are immediately connected to them and you will be for the rest of your lives.

2. Watching Them Grow

When your children are born you can just imagine what they will become as they grow.  However, seeing them actually grow, learn new things and hit those milestones is much more exciting and amazing than you could have ever imagined. As they grow past the toddler years into school-age children, it’s even more rewarding to see them learn new things in school, build friendships with their peers and actually become amazing young women or men.  I’m in awe every single day when I look at my girls and realize that they’re beautiful, smart, talented and wonderful young women.  Sometimes I think back to when they were babies and wonder where that time went because it seems like in the blink of an eye they’ve grown.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them, but I know they have very bright futures.

3. The Motivation to Be a Better Person

Before I had children I used to be a very selfish person and honestly wasn’t the best teenager in the world.  When I got pregnant with my oldest (at 19) I quickly realized that I couldn’t be selfish anymore.  I realized that when I became a mother I would have to forego spending frivolously for myself and spend money on things that my child needed.  I thought it was going to be the hardest transition in the world when I first got pregnant, but as soon as the reality hit that I was going to have a child, that all changed in an instant.  Soon after, I was absolutely excited about going out and buying stuff for my child and realized that I was giving up things that I wanted to get my child things that she needed.  It felt like some switch just went on in my head almost overnight and it was the weirdest feeling ever.  Now, 11 years later, I’m still foregoing luxuries that I want in order to buy things for my children.  I also realize that I’m more motivated to succeed, more motivated to be more compassionate to others and just overall more motivated to be a better person so I can be a role model to my girls.

 4. Having a Reason For Needing “Me Time

Now, this is going to sound selfish but I don’t care…  Being a mom means I have a reason for absolutely needing “Me Time” and I absolutely love it.  My kids drive me batshit crazy on a daily (almost hourly) basis and my family (thankfully) sees that.  Since I have two crazy girls who sometimes turn into insane monsters, my family offers to take them on an occasional basis so that I can have time for myself.  Honestly, now that they’re 9 and 11 I have a little more time to myself than I did when they were babies because they are able to amuse themselves, play with each other and go outside/to friend’s houses, but it’s also great to sometimes have actual me time.  You know, the kind of me time where the kids aren’t in the house arguing, calling me every 5 minutes to get them a glass of water or whining about something.  Whenever I have that quiet time, I value it and I love it!

5. I Have an Excuse to Sometimes Be Immature

I consider myself a very mature woman for my age, but there are times I can be a complete immature idiot.  Usually, when I’m out with my friends and I find myself immaturely giggling over a word that I find funny or making a stupid immature joke, my friends think I’m out of my mind.  (Which I am, but that’s another blog post.)  When I’m with my kids, I can act like a complete idiot, act like a complete child or play with American Girl Dolls (I love it, don’t judge me!) without any odd looks from my friends.  Yes, I make stuffed animals talk, I dance like an idiot and sing stupid songs with my kids; but what mom doesn’t?  I love the fact that I can be immature, relive my childhood through playing with them and have a great time doing it all.

6. Constant Cuddles & Hugs

My girls (Okay, well my 9-year-old) love to cuddle with me just about every night.  We curl up on my bed, watch TV or a movie and just talk, laugh and joke with each other.  This is something I’ve loved ever since my kids were born, I loved and absolutely valued cuddle time because I knew it wouldn’t last forever. (i.e. My 11-year-old!)  Hell, even my 11-year-old sometimes (and I mean very rarely!) wants to cuddle and talk about life, her friends, a problem she’s having in school or just anything that comes to her mind.  I love the cuddles and hugs from my children and they’re things I hope I get to keep experiencing for a few more years.

7. Seeing My Daughter Work Towards Her Dreams

My11-year-oldd has had dreams of being a dancer ever since she was a year old.  I clearly remember her dancing around and telling me that one day she was going to be a ballerina.  When she got older (around 6 or 7) I took her to see her first Broadway show and from that moment on she shifted and that wanting to be a ballerina turned into wanting to be a dancer on Broadway.  My daughter has now been a competitive dancer for 5 years, she’s won numerous trophies and medals, she has worked with a Broadway dancer for many years and she’s taken many master classes to further her skills.  My daughter is working towards her dream of being a dancer and all that she has accomplished in her 11 years, so far, amazes me.  I see her becoming a better dancer every day and to me, that means the world.  I love the fact that she’s motivated, determined and has high hopes for her future.

8. They Depend on Me For Everything

Okay, so this is a kind of love/hate thing…  I love that my girls know that they can come to me whenever they have a problem.  Because I’m a single mother and I’m practically their best friend because we’ve been through so much together, they’re very open with me and ask me anything that they need to know.  I love that they trust me and trust my input (even though they don’t always listen to me) and they know that I will always be 100% honest with them.  However, on the other hand, sometimes it drives me crazy when they depend on me for everything such as:

  • Constantly asking me to get them a snack or drink of water – YOU HAVE TWO HANDS AND TWO FEET, get it yourself!
  • Depending on me to pick up their messes – You made the mess, you pick it up! I will let that shit sit there until they get tired of the mess and clean it up themselves.
  • Thinking I will do any homework they “forgot” to do – Nope, you can learn your lesson when your teacher sees that part of your homework isn’t done!

I think you get the picture and I know any other mom could relate to this! So I definitely do have a love/hate relationship with the fact that my girls depend on me for everything.  (And I mean almost everything!)

9. Seeing My Kids Happy

Seeing my girls happy and smiling is the most rewarding thing ever. The best part is, there are times when I know that the reason they’re happy and smiling is because of me.  I love to see them do well in school and come home excited to show me a paper they got a good grade on.  I love to see them happy when they’re with their friends.  I love to see them happy when they’re doing something that they absolutely love.  Seeing them happy just makes me very happy and seeing them be kind and compassionate makes me realize that I raised them well.

10. Knowing That I Will Always Be Their Best Friend

Even though I am their mother, I am always their best friend and they know that.  They may have other friendships, relationships or loves as they grow up, but they will always know that I am there for them and that I was their first best friend.  My youngest reminds me of this every time she talks about her friends. “Mom, you’re my first best friend, though.” she always says to me to reassure me that I know that she still loves me.  It’s adorable and something I love to hear.  My oldest occasionally hates me because she’s a pre-teen, but she also reminds me (when she doesn’t hate me) that I’m her best friend too.  That’s something I absolutely love and I know that we will always be as close as we are now.  It’s something I value more than anything else in the world.

What are some reasons that YOU love being a mother?

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