Our Family Vacation: Day One

Last night I slept a total of two hours and thirty-three minutes.  You heard me right, I couldn’t sleep at all last night.  I’m not even sure why, but my damn body just didn’t want to rest. It was the most frustrating thing in the world.  In fact, after laying in bed cursing my body out for about three hours, I decided to get up at 2:00 am and start cleaning.  I honestly hated myself last night because I knew I needed sleep in order to make our three and a half hour trip today.

Once I finally woke up, surprisingly not smashing my alarm clock half to death, I had to rush to get ready and get to Enterprise to pick up the minivan by 8 am.  Even that proved to be a challenge!  I rented this minivan when we booked our vacation two and a half weeks ago — they had plenty of time to know that I reserved and needed a minivan at 8 am today.  I get to Enterprise only to find out that they do not have a minivan for me.  They tried to push a Dodge Journey off on me, which I agree is a great car, but we have FIVE freaking people traveling in one vehicle and those FIVE freaking people have luggage.  A Dodge Journey would not work at all for us and I made sure that they knew that.

Oh, I also want to add that there were TWO, I repeat TWO minivans sitting there among the rental cars.  However I learned that those two minivans were reserved and rented just a few days ago.  Did I mention that I reserved this minivan TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AGO?

After sitting there for 25 minutes the woman finally came over and told me that another Enterprise “down the road” had a minivan that I could pick up.   I was frustrated beyond belief at this point, but I really needed the minivan as soon as possible, so I went with the woman from Enterprise who drove me “down the road” to pick up the minivan.

I don’t know what “down the road” means to most people, but to me, it means literally down the road. It means a straight shot less than 5-10 minutes away.  Nope, this was a fifteen-minute drive with many turns and an Enterprise employee who decided that she wanted to small talk with me.  As much as I occasionally enjoy small talk, I didn’t want to be bothered at this point.  I was missing a conference call that I was supposed to be on, I was tired, hungry and just overall in a shitty mood. Long story short, I finally got the minivan and GPSed it back to my house.

The road trip wasn’t too bad.  I was expecting my girls to be complete terrors, arguing with each other the whole time and whining about how long the trip was taking, but they slept the majority of the ride.  We were actually able to make the ride without stopping once and it was actually great.  We flew right through without traffic and finally got to our hotel at around 3 pm.

After getting our massive amount of luggage to our room on two luggage carts, we decided to spend the evening at the pool until it was time for dinner.  The girls had a blast and loved the fact that the hotel has a heated pool.  My mom and I hung out in the hot tub while the girls swam in the pool and we all had a very relaxing evening by the pool.

We had dinner at a small diner that was near the hotel and afterward we decided to spend the rest of the night on the boardwalk.  I haven’t been here in 15 years, so I was so excited to go on the boardwalk, see what has changed and just relive all of the amazing moments I had over the many years of vacationing here with my family.

We browsed some shops, wasted money on memorabilia that we definitely didn’t need and the girls got to take the infamous Wildwood Tram Car to one of the piers with all of the games and rides.  I was glad they didn’t argue about riding the tram car to the pier because God knows, I was way too damn lazy and tired to walk there.

Once we got to the pier, I was so happy to find out that they had a “late night wristband” for only $25.  I’m very cheap and absolutely hate overpaying for tickets and wristbands for rides, so the $25 deal made me a very happy camper! We rode so many rides, played a few games and won some stuffed animals that we definitely didn’t need to bring into the house.  I can’t complain though, these are memories that my girls and I are making at a place that my I have so many great memories of from when I was a child.

We left the boardwalk around 11:30 and once we got back to the hotel I couldn’t wait to pass out.  Since we have 5 people in one room, someone had to claim the pull out couch and I was the brave one who volunteered.  As I was setting up the pullout couch I knew something was wrong with it.  The bottom wouldn’t support weight and kept collapsing as soon as I pulled the bed out of the couch. I was tired, cranky and the situation with the pull out couch made me even crankier.  I was tired and needed to get in bed and pass out, but instead I was faced with trying to figure out where the fuck I was going to sleep.

After complaining to front desk, they finally said that we could use an unbooked room to sleep in for the night and that’s where we are right now.  My mom and uncle opted to stay in our original room for the night because they had two beds there that were perfectly fine, but my girls wanted to come to the new room with me.  The hotel says that they are going to fix the pull out bed in the morning, so I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best, but I think I’m probably going to just ask the front desk if I would be able to switch everyone to this new room.  Especially since I checked the pullout couch in this room and it’s completely 100% more comfortable and doesn’t collapse under any weight. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.  Cross your fingers!

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