Packing for Our Vacation — The Night Before, Obviously.

So we leave on vacation tomorrow morning at 10 am and here I am at 9:30 pm the night before rushing to pack myself and my two girls.  This isn’t unusual for me, I’m usually packing the night before for a trip…or even 3 am on the morning of.  Yes, I am a procrastinator.  I wish I could say that I was too busy to pack but while I was very busy with work and life this week, I still had plenty of time to pack. I just didn’t want to.  You could say I’m a glutton for punishment, but I say that I just really enjoy stressing myself out at the last minute.

About an hour ago, my usually nicely made bed looked exactly like this…

But, you see, while that looks like a complete scene out of Hoarders, to me that’s how I get organized to pack.  (Ah, now you see why my blog is called This Organized Chaos)  If you look closely, everything is actually organized.  I have beach towels in one pile so we could choose which ones to bring, I have my girl’s clothes folded in two piles, I have 50% of my clothes in my suitcase already (though disorganized) and I have my toiletries waiting for me in my pink storage box.

My friends actually joke that my suitcase is actually a “small apartment” because it’s so large, but a girl needs what a girl needs.  While we are only going away for 6 days, I pack like I’m going away for an entire month.  It’s actually really funny because all week I have been preaching to my girls that they don’t need to pack their entire wardrobe.  As my oldest daughter says; “Mom, you’re one to talk!”  I know when I sleep (if I sleep) tonight, she’s going to be re-organizing her suitcase and adding in things that we didn’t originally plan to pack…she’s honestly just as bad as me!

Just a few minutes ago, before I sat down to write this, I finished packing their suitcases and mine.  I will proudly share a photo of my packed “small apartment” because I’m actually proud of how well it’s organized and how aesthetically pleasing it is to me.  It’s probably one of the best packing jobs that I have ever done.  *pats self on back*

Isn’t that one beautifully organized suitcase?  Sure I have about 7 pairs of shorts in different materials, 5 bathing suits, way too many shirts than anyone would need for a 6-day trip, flip flops, sandals, sneakers, water shoes and probably half of my t-shirt drawer to wear as pajamas, but it’s still organized!  (And if you’re thinking that what I have in my suitcase isn’t excessive, you’re my new best friend.)

So the suitcases are packed, but I’m sure you’re wondering “What’s next, Kristin?”

TOILETRIES! It might look pretty empty right now, but it will soon be filled with makeup, toiletries and just about everything everyone could ever need.  I did pack our emergency kit…with just about my entire medicine cabinet, but a mom has to be prepared for anything.  The one thing my mom taught me about packing for vacation, is that you always have to be prepared.  (I sound like a girl scout right now.)

Can we take a second to admire these roll up, sectioned bags that I ordered off QVC about 4-5 years ago?  These things have come in handy so many times and for so many trips.  I honestly don’t know how I would stay organized without them.  (And what Jersey Girl wouldn’t want a stereotypical animal print?)

I am happy to say that we are nearly done packing for our trip and I’m hoping to get done soon so I can start cleaning my house for our pet sitter that is coming twice a day to take care of our pets. Even though she’s my best friend, I don’t want her thinking that we are complete pigs.  (Even though I’m not confirming nor denying that…actually scratch that – my girls are complete pigs.)

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